You who share this wonderful town may not realize how much your friendly town folk are appreciated by us ferry islanders. Often rushing through to catch a ferry, we forget to let you know how much we enjoy the many shops, businesses and eateries.

Recently on just such a trip, I was escorting my 98-year-old mother for a quick sandwich at Gere-a-Deli following a long siege at a medical office when she suddenly struggled to get to her feet. In the shuffle of helping her to the car, I left my purse hanging on the back of a chair.

Once on the ferry, realizing what I had done, I called the deli. A quick-witted staff member found my purse and placed it in safekeeping until I could return. Thankfully, the purse with all money, credit cards and two passports was collected with everything in place.

I was reminded of how many friendly helpful shopkeepers, waiters, tellers and grocery clerks treat those of us who rush through town with a smile and definite understanding of our time constraints.

Thank you, Anacortes folks. We do appreciate you.

Sally Larson

Orcas Island

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