April 7, 1932

If you have any talent for entertainment, whether it be yodeling or eating crackers, now is the time to display it, for the Ives Empire Theatre is offering prizes for the best amateur performance to be entered at the theatre starting Saturday, April 16, and running for four Saturdays following.

Your age does not matter, you may be eight or eighty, just so you can entertain the public.

This is a chance for the amateur talent of Anacortes to come before the public and a cash prize will be awarded. It will also give you the publicity that may serve as an opportunity for future advancement.

April 9, 1942

The next draft call for Anacortes has been scheduled for April 15 according to information released this week by the Anacortes Draft Board.

At that time a group of Anacortes men will be summoned to the local Draft Board office to receive final instructions before leaving the next morning for the induction station in Tacoma, Washington.

April 10, 1952

Final allocation of state funds for completion of Central grade school along with the state department of education’s recommendation of contractors has now been received, Superintendent L.N. Kolste said today.

“This means that actual construction of the addition should certainly begin within the next month,” Kolste said. “We’re all set, all details are taken care of and nothing can stop the project now,” Kolste said.

He said that if everything goes smoothly the structure may even be completed in time for students to move into it by the second semester of the 1952-53 school year.

April 11, 1962

Construction of Anacortes’ new Island Hospital is more than 80 per cent completed, Administrator Tasker Robinette reported.

In a progress report …, Robinette said the nursing home wing should be completed this month. Glass has been installed in the solarium and in a portion of the office wing and the parabaloid, and some Xray, kitchen and laboratory equipment has been delivered to the site.

April 6, 1972

The super ferry Walla Walla is expected to join the Washington State Ferry fleet running out of Ships Harbor terminal in Anacortes serving the San Juan Islands and Victoria Island during the summer of 1973.

The assignment of the Walla Walla to the San Juan Islands fleet was announced this week by Washington State Ferry Traffic Manager Ralph White.

The Walla Walla is one of the two super ferries presently being built at the Todd Shipyard in Seattle.

April 7, 1982

The Island Hospital Cancer Program has been granted a three-year “approval and accreditation” from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

Word of the accreditation was received by the hospital Monday, March 29, said Dr. J.R. Kirkpatrick, Anacortes surgeon.

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