Looking Back, from June 13, 1962

June 13, 1962:  COUNTY ROAD CREW AT WORK — The resurfacing of the Mount Erie road from the Hart Lake cutoff to the summit is underway this week. A single lift is being applied in June and another one in July. 

June 13, 1912

Two rafts of logs, containing over half a thousand large pieces of lumber, were broken from their moorings in a storm last Friday afternoon, and hundreds of the logs are now rolling about, loose and elusive in the waters about Iceberg point and Watmough Head, not far from this port.

Ten sections of these logs or about 310 pieces of timber, belong to the Anacortes Lumber & Box company and they were on their way in tow of a tug for delivery to the mill here.

June 9, 1932

To the senior class of 1932, the first class to graduate from the new Anacortes senior high school building, goes the credit for giving impetus to the plan to provide free text books to Anacortes high school children. At a special meeting of the class held on Tuesday, it was voted by an overwhelming majority that the members of the class of 1932 donate their text books to the school, that the members of the other classes be requested to donate their books likewise and that the school board be asked to take care of any replacements necessary to provide high school students with free text books next year.

June 11, 1942

Machinery for the new Martinsen shipyard of Anacortes will begin arriving here this weekend and within two weeks the bulk of all machinery necessary will be on the shipyard grounds along the Guemes waterfront from G to J avenues, it was announced this week by Joseph O’Donnell, general manager for Martinsen shipyard company.

A small force of men is being employed at the yards this week cleaning up debris and straightening out minor details, it was reported.


June 12, 1952

There are 231 more people living in Anacortes today than in 1950 when the official U.S. census showed a population of 6,919 for the city, according to a report released this week by City Clerk Paul Flint. The 3.34 per cent increase here was greater than in any other city, over 5,000 population, from Everett north.


June 13, 1962

Two Anacortes canneries will be consolidating commercial salmon operations in Southeast Alaska this summer.

They are Fisherman’s Packing Corporation and Farwest Fisheries.

They will combine activities with a third company, Peter Pan Seafood of Seattle, in the joint southeastern venture.

accepted the offered hospitality of the All-America City arranged by the Chamber of Commerce.

June 9, 1982

The Soviets are about to annihilate us under a nuclear attack and 16,000 Whidbey Island residents are headed to Anacortes to catch a ferry to San Juan Island safety.

That scenario would become a possibility under an emergency relocation “mini-plan” proposed for Island County by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

But that plan and two others involving transporting people from island counties by ferries came under attack from public officials recently.

Irving Silver, manager for the FEMA evacuation program, said the plan, like similar ones in Skagit and other counties, is “an expedient temporary plan.”

Skagit County, marked as a “host” county under the evacuation plan, approved its “mini-plan” last year, Residents of Fidalgo Island and the rest of the county would remain here in case of attack.

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