Sept. 21, 1911

There are various well authenticated indications that the day of the fish trap in Puget Sound waters is nearly past, everything pointing to the fact that the big run of 1913 will probably end the use of this method of catching salmon. Even cannery men who have been watching the courses of events are willing to admit the correctness of this theory, and some of them say that different conditions will be welcomed, even though it may mean that their fish will cost them more than now.


Sept. 22, 1921

South Commercial avenue is to have a sidewalk – finally and assuredly – after eighteen months’ effort. The walk was ordered put down along the west side of the avenue at once and work will be started this week. City Engineer Short will be through with the Heart Lake reservoir in a couple of days and his gang will then be turned to laying the walk. It will be of wood four 2x12 planks laid parallel to the street, on 4x6 crosspieces.


Sept. 24, 1931

The twenty-millionth Ford car, symbolic of one man’s contribution to world history and the development of American industry, will visit Anacortes, en route from Detroit on a transcontinental tour.

Assembled in the presence of Henry and Edsel Ford, the twenty-millionth Ford left the Ford Motor Company’s Rouge plant in Dearborn, Mich., on April 14.


Sept. 25, 1941

Anacortes industry in the late fall of 1941 is traveling along at a pace equal to the “boom” years of 1928-29 according to estimates received from reliable sources in the city this week. While actual payroll estimates are not available to compare with 1929 figures when Anacortes was rated as one of the leading payroll industrial cities on the sound, the actual production and shipping in Anacortes has approached to the level of that year and also the war years of 1917-18.

Sept. 20, 1951

Power installations on Fidalgo, started over a year ago and valued at more than $190,000, culminate Sunday with completion of the Puget Sound Power and Light line from Dean’s Corner to Anacortes.

A four-hour power interruption will be necessary on the island Sunday to allow connecting of the new power line and installation of electric-eye transformers on Anacortes street lights, manager Ken Sherman announced today.

Sept. 20, 1961

The state’s new work relief program and its possible application in Anacortes, was examined in detail today here when Robert Doble, Skagit County Welfare administrator, presented an explanation of the plan to City Manager Archie French. The program, authorized by the 1961 legislature, enables the Department of Public Assistance to assign able-bodied welfare recipients to improvement projects planned by cities, school districts or other public agencies.

Projects such as clearing school or city park land for playgrounds, public lands or street improvement must be classified as worthwhile goals, not make-work programs, Doble explained.

Sept. 23, 1971

A new 50-foot ship is in the making for the high school boys and girls of Anacortes through the Elks Lodge Sea Scout program.

The Mount Baker Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, has acquired a Navy surplus hull from the Naval Supply Center at Bremerton for the Anacortes Sea Scout Unit. National Office arrangements with the Navy permitted this without exchange of funds.

Sept. 23, 1981

Concerns about the potential impacts of development on scenic Cypress Island near Anacortes prompted a big turnout at a public hearing last Wednesday in Anacortes.

Approximately 100 persons gathered in the municipal building’s City Council Chambers for the hearing at which negative views about the proposed development and the EIS (environmental impact statement) dominated.

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