Listen to mask science

The Anacortes American reported some parents are rallying against the latest statewide efforts to control Covid-19 in schools.

I am appalled that a candidate for the Anacortes School Board, Celeste Stevens, does not support the mandate for children to wear masks when returning to school this fall.

The pandemic continues to impact our community and is now inflicting casualties on our children. The CDC recommends the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of the disease and science supports this approach.

Everyone should support the School District and all those who work within it in trying to provide a healthy environment for students, staff and administrators. They have had to deal with so many challenges already; don’t make this another issue to distract from the job of educating our young people.

Surely one goal of education is to teach our children to be good members of our society, which means caring for the health and welfare of others. Another goal is teaching kids that science is based on fact and not a matter of opinion. I prefer to stand behind the scientific and medical experts who say masks and vaccinations will protect our children and our community rather than the misinformed voices of some parents.

Wendy Gray, retired




Miller a proven public servant

Public service has long been a treasured part of American life. Anacortes citizens are blessed that an experienced public servant has stepped forward, offering his time and expertise, to run for mayor – Matt Miller.

Matt brings an incomparable set of skills and experience: decorated Navy officer and the former executive officer (XO) of NAS Whidbey, successful small business owner, City Council member, mayor pro tempore and active community member and volunteer.

As the NAS Whidbey XO, he successfully managed a large diverse group of public services, essentially the “mayor” of a small city. Anacortes has and continues to value its current and former military public servants – many serve in leadership roles today. Similarly, small business owners have routinely offered to serve the city – the leadership and financial skills needed to run a small business are equally applicable to municipal leadership.

Matt and Heather raised their children in the Anacortes School District and routinely volunteered to serve the city over 20-plus years.

We have one mayoral candidate with the proven leadership and experience to move Anacortes from a very good city to a great city. Vote Matt Miller for mayor.

Steven Wilhoit



Vote Hubik for City Council

I am excited to vote for Amanda Hubik in the general election for Anacortes City Council, Position 4. I am confident that she will get things done, as she has for many years, without requiring a lot of fanfare or recognition.

She is an active participant, an engaging communicator and a great listener. These are skills essential for any public servant, elected or otherwise, and I know she will continue to strengthen them.

When I worked with her on the annual Chamber of Commerce Wine Festival for many years, she was definitely a doer behind the scenes. Amanda rarely sat still as she is always willing to go where she is needed. She was responsible for the total success of this event over the years and she continued to volunteer, spending the entire day at the event, after moving on from her role at the chamber.

She will be excellent as a City Council member for Anacortes. Please join me in voting for her on this November’s ballot.

Phil Sorensen



Support Walters for mayor

Like other small cities, Anacortes faces big challenges — declining revenue, homelessness, budget constraints, the effects of climate change and now the COVID pandemic.

To meet these challenges, we need innovative, experienced, thoughtful leadership. One mayoral candidate has repeatedly demonstrated those traits and actual accomplishments for our city — Ryan Walters. He doesn’t sit back and wait for someone else to figure out solutions. He seizes opportunities and finds new ones.

Two years ago, Ryan recognized how the city could use a new state law to retain state sales-tax dollars to fund affordable housing projects and preserve the historic Olsen Building. He championed the outdoor dining parklets along Commercial Avenue, which have helped keep our restaurants afloat. He pushed for greater transparency and made it easier for citizens to access city documents.

He wrote the ordinance requiring city contracts to undergo financial and legal review, a prudent step that saves taxpayer dollars. He’s worked to make childcare more available and less expensive by streamlining permitting. And these are just a sampling of his initiatives to make our community a better place.

Ryan Walters is a leader for the future. He has my vote.

Susan Rooks



Miller right mayor choice

Simple and to the point. Why Matt Miller?

Having spent a good deal of time analyzing the mayor’s responsibilities and job description, I’ve concluded the successful candidate for the job must have extensive management and leadership experience.

I’ve studied the resumes on each of the candidates’ websites, and one candidate possesses these skills and has demonstrated the leadership experience to do the job successfully. That candidate is Matt Miller. Please vote for Matt and elect a proven leader for our wonderful community.

Paul Allen


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