Looking Back – 1981

1981: THE HIGH-RISE bridge now under construction over the Swinomish Channel will be coated with a modified latex concreted overlay to prevent salt from rusting the steel reinforcements as is happening with the older, existing bridge now carrying eastbound traffic. The salt originates from the sand-salt mixture used on the bridge deck during icy weather.

April 16, 1891

Assistant Engineer Booth of the Oregon Improvement company has been busy during the week in running line around to the east side of Bowman’s hill for a proposed spur…. Senator Austin is desirous of locating the grain elevator at a point to the east side of Cap Sante, and if the survey is satisfactory and the project of the building the spur found to a practical one, it will be the location of the plant.

April 13, 1911

Messrs. E. Lakeman and Wm. Mills, of the Pioneer Hotel have leased the Dodge building on Commercial avenue formerly occupied by the Rose theatre, and contemplate running a moving picture showhouse, expecting to be ready to open the doors Saturday evening.

April 14, 1921

For a half hour on Saturday evening just as the sun was fading over the Sound’s placid waters for a few hours’ rest , strollers near the west-end of Eighth street had their attention drawn to a peculiar sight, well over toward Guemes. With a field glass, what looked so small to the naked eye, could readily be seen a large-sized blackfish.

April 16, 1931

On Saturday afternoon the Blackball Ferry Rosario will leave Anacortes for Friday Harbor to inaugurate the boat on the Island service. Local citizens have been invited to take part in the ceremonies making the trip to the Island and attending a dinner and dance there Saturday evening.

April 12, 1951

The world’s longest underwater power cable, to be laid Monday and Tuesday from Lopez to Anacortes, was being transferred in Seattle to the cable barge which will carry it to Anacortes. The slow work of uncoiling the 7.5-mile-long cable from the nine gondola cars, which carried it from the East, onto the barge is expected to take from now until Sunday when at 1 p.m., it will begin its trip to the San Juans.

April 13, 1961

County Commissioner Scott Richards announced today that the county will purchase the Guemes Island ferry operation from present owner Sandrup Bernsen for $14,000.

April 15, 1971

During the month of March the Northwest Air Pollution Authority issued 16 violation notices, it was learned last Wednesday at a short meeting of the Authority Board of Directors. During the month the Authority received 39 complaints with 28 coming from Skagit County… The March’s Point area currently under surveillance by three monitoring units drew three complaints for odor emissions.

April 15, 1981

A unanimous okay last week by the state Board of Natural Resources leaves approval by the State Parks Commission tomorrow the only remaining step toward making Heart Lake a state park.

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