Aug. 16, 1961 — LIBRARIAN— Miss Rosa Walrath, district elementary school librarian arranges books in the spacious and many-windowed library of the city’s newest school. A muted color scheme of corn yellow and soft green form a pleasing background here as throughout the school.

Aug. 17, 1911

The Robinson Fisheries company has under course of construction what will be one of the finest boats of her kind and class in Puget sound waters, and the way work is being rushed on the hull she will be in the water some time next week. The new boat will be used in connection with the codfish and fertilizer plants, both for towing and carrying fish.

Some idea of the new vessel may be gained from the statement that she is 55 feet in length, 14 foot beam and has a displacement of fifteen tons. She is equipped with a 50 horse power Atlas gasoline engine and the lines along which she is built will make her exceptionally speedy. She will have a carrying capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 fish, the forward part of the boat being devoted to a fish tank.

There is probably no boat of her size, and built in these waters which is more staunch or seaworthy than the new Challenge of the Robinson Fisheries company.


Aug. 18, 1921

Heart Lake water is now running to the reservoir through the new eight-inch main and all work in connection with laying and fitting the new main will be completed this week and the work will be done at least one thousand dollars bellow the estimated cost when the job was undertaken. The engineers estimate was $5,900, and it will done for something under $5,000. Wednesday there remained but a little filling in to be done, and the completion of the aerator, for all Heart Lake water is now aerated as it enters the reservoir, removing odor and bad color. The work was commenced about four weeks ago and has been carried out under the personal daily supervision of Water Superintendent W. B. Short.


Aug. 20, 1931

In the biggest rush of building permit business in this city for months, four permits were issued this week for amounts totaling $1,475.

The largest permit went to Harvey Deutsh to erect a frame home at Fortieth and S streets for $1,200.


Aug. 21, 1941

Every boy and girl in Anacortes and the surrounding community have been invited to participate in “Back to School” celebration and parade which will be held next Wednesday afternoon, August 27, along Commercial Avenue. Sponsored by the merchants of the city the parade will have six classifications in which youngsters can enter with a prize list offered in each. The parade and prizes is an appreciation celebration offered by the merchants of Anacortes for the young people in the community.


Aug. 16, 1951

Anacortes High School’s crack 60-piece band will perform in the University of Washington Stadium on September 22 as part of the second annual Western Washington Band Day, University athletic officials said today.

The Sea Hawk musicians will join those from Vancouver, Stadium, Renton, Yakima and Bremerton high schools to put on the pre-game and halftime entertainment at the Washington Huskies’ football opener against Montana.


Aug. 16, 1961

Split cedar shakes, milled in Anacortes, keynote the design of the new Whitney school, an all-wood structure built almost entirely of native Pacific Northwest materials.

New concepts in school planning incorporated in the design of the new grade school by architect Don McKee have resulted in a pleasing clean-lined structure that combines eye-appeal, comfort, convenience, and safety factors.


Aug. 19, 1971

The impact of President Nixon’s wage and price freeze executive order Sunday was felt quickly in Anacortes as the order stopped the Island Hospital from putting into effect its new rate schedule August 15. The new rate schedule at Island Hospital which calls for room increase of $6 a day was approved August 10 by the Board of Commissioners to go into effect Sunday. Hospital Administrator Jerry Knootz Tuesday morning reported that the rate did not go into effect as planned, due to Nixon’s freeze on prices.


Aug. 19, 1981

I want to do the loop road before it closes,” Anacortes police officer Kathy Donley said as the police car headed west into the red glow of the setting summer sun.

Turning into the park, Donley eased the car down the one-way route and flicked on the vehicle’s overhead spotlight. A bright, white light penetrated into the woods, revealing nothing but tree trunks and dense shrubbery.

Just the evening before, in broad daylight, an Anacortes woman had reportedly been assaulted while walking along the forested road.

“I really don’t expect to see much except for deer,” Donley said, as the near full moon overhead contributed to the patrol.

In May, Donley became Anacortes’ first woman patrol officer after passing the department’s standard set of written, physical and oral tests.


Aug. 21, 1991

Paving contractor Lakeside Industries has its eye on rock deposits at the edge of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands, but a company official admitted it would be years before any of it would be used.

Bob Jewett, project manager for Lakeside, spoke to forest advisory board members at a meeting Thursday, Aug. 15, in City Hall. He said the firm would like to mine the rock adjacent to its current quarry, which is in the forest lands. But how much can be mined, if at all, and under what conditions, still needs to be resolved.

The site is located between the city limits and Havekost Road on the west side of the ACFL. But a wetland area runs roughly north/south near the property, which means a 500-foot buffer would reduce Lakeside’s rock availability.

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