Aug. 19, 1920

Only four more days to go and just about half the voters of Anacortes are registered. There are some 1,500 or 1,700 citizens of Anacortes eligible to register and vote and not more than half of these are registered and from now on until the books are closed next Tuesday evening, registration will have to be hurried at the rate of 200 per day if they all vote in the primary in September and in the general election in November. And there is little excuse for it, for the lists are now kept open evenings at the city hall, and a deputy city clerk is there all the time to register voters.

Aug. 21, 1930

Overriding the objections of Mayor F.N. Haley and Councilman D.V. Neely, the majority of the city council Tuesday night passes an amendment to specifications for the Skagit river pipe line, permitting contractors to submit bids containing clauses providing for use of foreign made pipe.

The fight between the Mayor and council members over the use of foreign manufactured pipe came after a letter had been read at the council meeting from E.J. Boxer, contractor, requesting that he be given the privilege of submitting a bid using German-made pipe.

Aug. 17, 1950

Local canneries are still waiting for the anticipated record salmon run which experts have predicted for the 1950 commercial fishing season. Although operations have been more or less constant along the city’s cannery row, activity has been relatively quiet up until this week,

However, hope is still high for the run which is expected to be intercepted sometime this week, according to John Plancich, superintendent of the Fishermen’s Packing Corporation plant, largest cannery on Puget Sound.

Aug. 18, 1960

A bill designating the Cross State Highway from Mazama to Anacortes as a primary state highway will be put before the legislature next year is State Sen. Fred Martin returns to office, the Rockport Democrat said yesterday. The present western terminus is Diablo.

Martin explained that the highway has been designated by the legislature as the primary state highway from Marblemount to Mazama. From Marblemount to Highway 99 it is a secondary highway and from 99 to Anacortes there is a primary highway.

Aug. 20, 1970

Seeking help in finding a site to install his narrow gauge steam driven railroad, Tommy Thompson, builder of the planned Anacortes Railroad, got right down to brass tacks Monday noon while addressing the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce and requested the group’s aid in gaining success.

Thompson said, “I need your help badly in the project,” and told the chamber they are the only ones who can do it.

Thompson who started on this project nine years ago stated that “It’s hard to believe that seven years ago I was here and talked to you about the railroad from Ship’s Harbor to Sunset Beach. Since, then,” he said, “I have told the story to the Park Board, City Council and Port Commission and got the feeling that everyone felt it was a wonderful idea.”

Aug. 20, 1980

Parvovirus, a new strain of viral enteritis being detected in dogs throughout the country, has avoided the Anacortes area so far. No confirmed cases of the disease have been diagnosed on Fidalgo Island as of Monday.

The disease can spread wherever infected dogs congregate but may be brought into the homes on the shoes and clothes of owners according to Pierre Chaloux, deputy administrator of USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

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