Whistle Lake


Aug. 5, 1920

Women registering to vote must give their real age to the registration officers, according to a statement at the city clerk’s office. This has been the requirement of the law for some years, but not until about six months ago did registration officials of this state strictly observe it.

Then the state attorney general issued an opinion in which he held that the age of women must be given. It is stated at the clerk’s office that the women take a sensible view of the matter and there is seldom any hesitancy about observing the law.

Aug. 8, 1940

Phil Wagner, acting as a one-man delegation from the property owners along Seventh Street in the two blocks east of Commercial appeared before the council this week to demand the city take action against the possibility of any more carnival being placed along this street.

Wagner said that residents of the street had stood what he termed was a “nuisance” for the past four years and it was high time that steps were taken to stop it.

Councilman Valentine said that the pageant was not attempting to force anything on people such as the carnival but he believed that community cooperation was necessary on such matters.

Aug. 3, 1950

Serving a parish that embraces a portion of Skagit County and the entire San Juan Island area has been a problem to Father Theodore Sullivan ever since his assignment to the local Catholic church last year.

The energetic, young priest has been confronted with a summer schedule which requires his attention to five widely separate Sunday morning masses beginning at 8 a.m. in Anacortes. …

Conveyors of the faith have acquired a reputation over the centuries for their tireless and sometimes ingenious methods of reaching their flocks and extending the boundaries of Christian practice. Dog sleds, dug out canoes, jeeps, and a vast assortment of transportation modes have been employed to penetrate the heathen wilderness.

And now, for the first time locally, airplanes are being pressed into service in response to summer vacationers’ pleas for Sunday Mass on the islands.

Aug. 4, 1960

During the month of July the Anacortes office of the Washington State Employment Services placed 134 persons in gainful employment in the area, according to John Kane, local manager.

On file with the office were 747 work applications from local applicants seeking job assistance. 208 of this number were persons filing new applications for work with the office while 539 were persons who already had applications on file from the previous month and who had renewed their applications during July.

Aug. 6, 1970

Anacortes City Council on Tuesday night closed the door on the subject of buying the Stockwell property at a cost of $230,000, located at the base of the Weavering Spit, for a city park by a vote of four to one.

After a very lengthy discussion by both the audience and the councilmen, the issue came to a head when Mayor Jim Rice made the motion to proceed to buy the Stockwell property for a park. After a period of silence Councilman Eldon Baker, who earlier had spoken against the purchase, seconded the motion to bring the subject to a head.

Aug. 6, 1980

A final compromise agreement for the placement of a boundary line between “Urban II” designated property and “Urban Residential” property in Flounder Bay was reached Monday evening by the Anacortes City Council.

The debate between Skyline property owners generally grouped behind the “Save Flounder Bay” banner, and Skyline Marina operator George Wasilewski, came to a head at a July 28 public hearing. At stake was a tear-shaped area erroneously left undesignated by the original draft of the Shoreline Master Plan.

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