Looking Back – Dec. 30, 2020

Dec. 31, 1980

The force of a storm Friday night which caused extensive flooding in Skagit County and western Washington, as well as wind damge in some areas, kept volunteers from Whidbey Naval Air Station and city workers busy filling sandbags at the Anacortes Water Treatment Plant. A construction trailer atop the new Swinomish Channel bridge nearly blew over the rail (below) Friday afternoon because of the high winds.

Jan. 1, 1891

One year ago today the land upon which now stands a handsome, prosperous and progressive city, was a wilderness of towering pines standing … together and reaching to the shores of the bay. The sound of the woodsman’s axe as it echoed throughout the forest, a half dozen small houses scattered along the beach, and the sight of a number of Indian canoes, as they floated lazily to and fro between the islands, were the only signs of life to be seen.


Jan. 3, 1901

Articles of incorporation of the Fidalgo Mill company of Anacortes were filed on the 27th, and this new concern is now ready to reach out for business. The capital stock is $20,000, with a surplus of $10,000, which makes the working capital $30,000.


Dec. 29, 1910

Incorporation papers have been filed and a stock company formed by Melville Curtis, and beginning the first of the year it will be known as the Curtis Wharf Company, with Mr. Curtis as president. No change will be made in the business management which will be run as heretofore, the merchandise, steamship and Northern Express business being carried on as formerly.


Dec. 30, 1920

One of the prettiest feature dances given in this city during the holiday season was a Leap Year party which took place in the beautiful ballroom of the Eagles’ Home at the corner of Sixth and Q avenue, Thursday evening, by the Pan-Hellenic Association. Invitations had been extensively issued throughout the county by the younger members of this association which was recently formed by the various representatives of the Pan-Hellenium societies of this city and this being their initial social affair, no pains were spared to make it a happy occasion for all.


Jan 1, 1931

Cigars will be in order shortly from some proud papa. And Mr. Anacortesan, who this time donates the stogies to his friends, will be even a little more happy that the usual father. For, twelve Anacortes merchants joined together this week to bring the best of New Year’s greetings to the first baby born in Anacortes during 1931.


Dec. 28, 1950

Western Washington’s wet Christmas weekend resulted in the blocking of roads in at least three places in the county and threatened dikes on the lower part of the valley yesterday. Reaching a peak of 22.6 feet here just before noon Tuesday, the waters of the Skagit subsided a total of three feet up to noon today, but still left roads blocked at Milltown, east of Lyman, and the Nookachamps, which spilled its banks.


Dec. 29, 1960

A grateful reader of the Anacortes American has her pet parakeet home again and securely caged. Because of a story which appeared in the American’s Wednesday edition the “lost” bird (found last Saturday by Mrs. Arnold Klingman of Marjorie’s Sunset Florist) came to roost this afternoon.


Dec. 31, 1970

Oil negotiations between the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Local 1-591 of Anacortes and Shell Oil Company were back in session yesterday (Wednesday) according to reports from Local 1-591 officials. At the Texaco Refinery negotiations are recessed subject to call by either party.


Dec. 31, 1980

Sandbagging efforts at the Anacortes Water Treatment Plant on Riverbend Road near Mount Vernon Friday and Saturday proved unnecessary as the flooding Skagit River crested below the estimated high water mark. The plant is situated well below the top of the dike which separates it from the Skagit River. Original predictions put the flood crest a foot above the elevation of the dike.


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