Dec. 11, 1919 

Prospects for continuing the Guemes Island ferry are very slim according to a statement made this week to the American by Ben Driftmier, secretary of the Guemes Island Ferry company. A meeting of the stockholders has been called for Wednesday afternoon, December 17, at 406 Commercial avenue, for the purpose of considering this question.

The advisability of maintaining the service on the present basis or selling the ferry and winding up the corporation will then be definitely settled. 

Efforts have been made to have the county take the property over and run the ferry, but the present board does not look at the proposal favorably.


Dec. 12, 1929 

The Anacortes post office installed a new electric cancelling machine Tuesday morning. This modern equipment is driven by a 1-6 h.p. motor and is capable of stamping 900 letters per minute.

All the operator has to do is to hold the letters in position so that a swiftly rotating rubber grabs them, sends the letters through the cancelling part, and they come out into a long rack that will hold a good many epistles. The impression is very clear and the dates that the canceller makes are easily read. The employees expressed a great deal of pleasure in the installation because it eliminated a lot of hand work. 


Dec. 15, 1949 

I guess you know who the most popular gent of this season is, yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s dear old Santa!

It seems the local post office is bursting at the seams with letters to Santa from the local small fry, telling of their wants for Christmas.

Santa has mailed us a few of the letters in order that we may show the people just how much interest is being shown by the youngsters of Anacortes.

One envelope was addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole and a Christmas Seal for a stamp was used. To Santa’s surprise when he opened the envelope a blank piece of paper fell out. The youngster was too small to write, but had good intentions. Nevertheless dear old Santa will fill the child’s stocking with goodies.

Dec. 10, 1959 

A five-year agreement between the county and new Guemes ferry owner George Bacon received unanimous vocal approval from Skagit County Board of Commissioners yesterday.

A contract will be signed as soon as the Almar goes into service on Guemes Channel.

Bacon told the commissioners yesterday that he hopes to have the vessel in operation either late next week or a week from Monday.


Dec. 11, 1969 

Dale Rancourt, General Telephone’s district manager, advised the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Monday noon that the Expanded Calling Area Study for the Anacortes area is progressing on schedule.

Rancourt stated that “The matter of determining rates and the need for additional lines and equipment is a very complex study. The end result of these studies will be the company’s determination as to how much additional equipment will be needed to provide for an increase in the customer’s calling volumes as much as 1200 per cent and the effect of the cost to the customer on his month bill,” Rancourt concluded.


Dec. 12, 1979 

The fight over a proposed mandatory hookup of Anacortes refineries to a cross-Sound oil pipeline continues, with U.S. Rep. Al Swift emphasizing the financial feasibility and environmental necessity of the plan.

Answering just as empathetically are spokesmen for the two refineries, who maintain that Swift’s claims are incorrect and that mandatory hookup would simply add to inflated oil prices.

In a letter this week to the American, John Wilson, press secretary for Swift, says the Second District congressman considers his recent legislation requiring the hookup essential, although the pipeline itself may not be. 

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