Aerial view

Dec. 12, 1939 — ANACORTES LUMBER & BOX CO. ESTABLISHMENT IS UPON AREA BETWEEN CITY AND CAP SANTE — Airplane view showing ocean dock and shipping yards on north shore of Anacortes harbor, and above in background, log boom at north end of Fidalgo Bay.

Dec. 16, 1909

Heavy rainfall of last Saturday and Sunday brought the Skagit again to the danger mark, and ranchers and householders made haste to remove their effects to safe places.

The railroads have been the heaviest sufferers as the soft dirt fills which had been put in as temporary repairs washed out in a few seconds after the flood got to them. The work or re-repair to tracks must be done all over again in a great many places.

The flood is now receding at points in this county, while along the Skagit it is reported neither rising nor falling.

Dec. 18, 1919

The Cap Sante Waterway stands paramount to all other improvements to be made in the city of Anacortes today, no matter what private business such improvement may interfere with.

It is gospel truth that the salvation of the city of Anacortes is her road to the sea and no other road and no other enterprise should be allowed to take precedent over it. There is virtue in the Roosevelt highway, the Pacific highway and all the other highways being planned and builded in the state and they are all worthy of our support, but the road which will put Anacortes on the map more largely than any other, is her road to the Pacific ocean, of which the Cap Sante Waterway is the Alpha and Omega.

Dec. 19, 1929

Fidalgo Island and neighboring farmers have within the last three years become conscious of the consistency and profit of growing strawberries in quantity and quality as certain to become an important industry centering around Anacortes, equally logical with the poultry industry and commanding far better returns than berries grown for canneries.

During the last three years Richardson & Holland of Seattle, originally interested in the industry here by Manager W. F. McCracken of the Anacortes Ice Co., have carried on an increasing business of contracting with local growers for strawberries, and during the 1929 season coldpacked 500 barrels of fresh strawberries at the Port of Anacortes warehouse at the foot of Commercial avenue.

Dec. 21, 1939

Despite the fact that the state liquor board has given permission to taverns to open at 12 o’clock midnight New Year’s eve until three a.m. for New Year celebrators, it was believed here this week that Anacortes taverns would not be open for that period of time.

Permission from respective city government’s must also be gained in addition to the liquor board approval before opening during New Year’s eve it was revealed. Several tavern owners of Anacortes have already indicated they will not ask special permission of the council to be open.

Dec. 22, 1949

All pinball machines and punch boards in the city of Anacortes will go out after January 14 the city council of Anacortes announced at their Tuesday meeting at the city hall this week. This will coincide with a complete county wide blackout of all machines and boards on that date. …

The county prosecutor stated that “The decision to outlaw the pinball and punch boards in this county is based upon a Supreme Court decision. There is nothing we can do but enforce the laws.”

Dec. 17, 1959

Target date for maiden voyage here of the Almar is next Wednesday, owner George Bacon told the American today.

The Snohomish business man, here to supervise alterations of the Fidalgo-Guemes docking slips said work on them will begin tomorrow. Three pillings will be moved here and about 15 on the Guemes side. Anacortes Piledriving Co. will handle the job.

Bacon confirmed the 25 per cent fare increase … Fares here will be $1.40 round trip for a car and driver and 30 cents per passenger.

Dec. 18, 1969

During the current Christmas shopping rush local merchants have had their eyes peeled for shoplifters, and according to this week’s Anacortes Police Department report, stopped at least four offenders.

The first arrests for shoplifting took place on December 9, at 10:15 a.m. when two local 13 year old girls were apprehended for the theft of a bottle of wine from a local grocery store.

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