Feb. 19, 1891

Yesterday the organization and incorporation of the new Opera house company was completed, and it is safe to say that before many months Anacortes will have completed and ready for use one of the most charming play houses on the coast.

Feb. 16, 1911

Shortly after 11 o’clock last Thursday night fire was discovered in the resaw building of the Anacortes Lumber & Box company, by Charles Kobald, the night watchman, who immediately ran to the engine room, firing the alarm. The night fireman, in his haste to blow the fire whistle, pulled so hard on the cord that it broke, thus causing a delay of a few moments. In the meantime the night watchman ran to the retail office and telephoned in an alarm to the fire department and then threw open the gates. The department responded promptly and in a very few minutes hundreds of people were on the ground, as the flames were coming through the roof.

Feb. 17, 1921

Crabs – sea crabs, the edible kind, instead of the biped crab – are becoming a matter of some importance to the city and the industry of trapping, preparing and shipping them is assuming large proportions. Tuesday there was shipped from the Curtis dock through C.C. Hunt, fish broker, no less than 14 crates of crabs, each crate holding an average of 25 dozen crustaceans.

Feb. 19, 1931

Whether it would be wiser for the city to sign a contract with the Puget Sound Light and Power Company for a flat rate charge of $3 per month per horse power on a 250 horsepower motor to be located at the pump house at Avon, or to sign a contract calling for a metered rate with a minimum of $200 per month, was a question that could not be decided in one sitting of the city council.

Feb. 15, 1951

Louis G. Viereck, an official from the Harvey Aluminum Company was in Anacortes today inspecting possible sites for a proposed $40,000,000 aluminum plant which is expected to locate somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Feb. 16, 1961

During the month of January the Anacortes office of the Washington State Employment Service received 165 new applications for work from local residents, according to John Kane, office manager. This was an increase of 45 over the previous month.

Feb. 18, 1971

The sale of 50 acres of Port of Anacortes Land at Shannon Point to Western Washington State College for a Marine Biological Station was concluded Feb. 2, it was announced last Thursday evening by the Anacortes Port Commission. The funds amounting to $100,000 from the sale were ordered to be invested until needed to pay off Port Bonds.

Feb. 18, 1981

Spokane industrialist Raymond A. Hanson may agree to sell property on Cypress Island to the state if a new referendum effort concerning the fragile island results in the right offer. “Mr Hanson said we would sell it,” Peter Kerwien, spokesman for Hanson Properties in Spokane, told the American. “But we don’t know what the price is at this point, and I couldn’t even say what the means by ‘it’ – whether he would sell all his property or not.”

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