July 15, 1920

When Anacortes chatauqua folks get out their program ballot and vote on what they must see, whether they see anything else or not, they are going to wind up voting the straight ticket. It is a program of such uniform excellence, such a surprising variety of interest, that no one will want to miss a single number.

There are orators, artists, musicians, dramatic players and feature attractions of the most pretentious chatauqua program ever presented in the west.

July 17, 1930

Several Seattle and San Francisco financiers are temporarily holding up the advertising of the issue of the Skagit River water project bonds —but no serious hitch or delay is expected to eventuate. The contract between the City of Anacortes and the Fidalgo mill unit of the Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Co. will in all probability be signed next week. Inasmuch as the Fidalgo mill will utilize more than one-half, and probably two-thirds, of the anticipated water supply from the Skagit project, it has been felt advantageous to wait until the names of all parties concerned are “on the dotted line.”

July 18, 1940

Puget Sound’s salmon canning industry appeared to be getting underway this week with small catches being reported in to several of the nine canneries that will operate on the Sound this year.

With negotiations completed between cannerymen and purse seiners late last week, cannery workers and their employers in both CIO and AF of L plants on the sound met in Seattle Monday of this week to settle arrangements for the season.

July 13, 1950

A washing machine that has served a succession of owners for nearly 60 years, so far as authorities in laundry equipment can ascertain, gave way to progress this week when Mrs. Ida Ellen Ames, of 512 3rd St., was announced the winner of an automatic porcelain enamel washer.

Mrs. Ames has never entered a contest before, and chances are might have passed for her daughter-in-law’s mother, Mrs. Lets Dutueau who called her attention to a recent advertisement in the American offering a new washer to the Anacortes housewife who owned the oldest machine.

July 14, 1960

The ungraded program will be continued throughout all of the Island View school next year, the school board decided last night. The program, in which children are not assigned to any specified grade but progress according to their ability to do the work, now includes three sections each of the fourth and fifth grades.

Board members noted the enthusiasm with which the program had been received by both parents and teachers.

July 16, 1970

A report by the Instructional Material’s Study Committee on the book “Brave New World” presented to the Anacortes School Directors Monday evening drew a lot of concern from the eight members of the audience, and resulted in tabling of any action until a meeting is held by the board September 21 with the committee.

The report reads as follows: A special meeting was called on April 30, 1970 to review the fifteen citizens’ requests asking that the School District reconsider having the book “Brave New World” by Aldano Huxley [sic] on the required list of books taught in Senior English classes.

July 16, 1980

A walkout last week by approximately 12 employees of the Sucia Reed Cafe at 804 Commercial was ended after a little more than a day’s time.

The employees walked off the job at about 10:30 a.m. on Friday to protest the extended time period under which they have worked without a union contract. Pickets went up immediately outside the restaurant.

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