July 20, 1950 –– THE PURSE SEINE “SWEET HOME” –– operated by Ivan and Antone Suryan, will be one of an estimated 150 boats fishing out of Anacortes when the commercial season gets underway Monday, July 30. A nine man crew will work aboard the craft, including skipper Ivan Suryan. The boat is now docked at the Fisherman’s Packing Corp. 

July 22, 1920

Giant steam shovels that load a big dump car with dirt in just two minutes and that were formerly used in helping dig the Panama Canal, are now engaged in ripping their way through the summit between Fidalgo and the gravel pit on the Great Northern, two trains being employed to carry the earth from the shovels to the fill being made, one across from Fidalgo to Weaverling’s Spit, and the other from the gravel pit to the Swinomish Slough. Almost a million yards of earth will be moved in reducing this grade to practically a water level, and which is calculated to double the load that a locomotive can draw into Anacortes.

July 24, 1930

You’ll be able to walk across the Deception Pass bridge in time to enjoy Christmas dinner with island county friends, December, 1932. Evidence to indicate this probability was supplied Wednesday afternoon by Roland H. Hartley, governor of the state of Washington, in a public address at Deception Pass park; and by Samuel J. Humes, state director of highways, in an interview with the American.

July 25, 1940

Retail merchants of Anacortes dealing in commodities coming under the Surplus Food Stamp plan, will next Wednesday, August 1, inaugurate the plan in this city as a part of a county-wide acceptance of the Food Stamp plan. Several other counties in the northern part of the state of Washington will be trying the Food Stamp plan for the first time next Wednesday, they include Whatcom, Snohomish, Island, San Juan and Kitsap counties.

Since word was first released here several months ago revealing that the food stamp plan would be put into effect in all of the cities of Skagit County on Aug. 1 the new movement has received the immediate attention of the people.

July 20, 1950

Anacortes, jumping off point for the San Juan Islands and British Columbia, is drawing people from all parts of the United States and from even foreign countries during the present busy tourist season. With its ideal fishing facilities and unique and scenic beaches, the local area is again finding favor …

Anacortes hosteries reported this week that their tourist facilities have been filled to capacity for the past several weeks. Overnight guests at one local court, representatives of the North American continent, have registered residents from Calgary, Alberta to Witchita, Kansas.

July 21, 1960

The re-districting of voting precincts has created some problems among Anacortes politicos. At least that seemed to be the consensus gathered from party leaders this week.

The creation of new precincts was ordered by the Skagit County auditor. According to state law no single precinct should contain more than 300 voters; there were 600 in some of the city’s precincts.

City Clerk Diane Erholm worked out the new precincts and City Attorney Bill Wells put them into an ordinance which was passed by the city council two weeks ago.

July 23, 1970

A new product is being produced in Anacortes, Chamber Manager Dick Johnson told the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce at its weekly meeting Monday noon.

Johnson reported that at the Anacortes Whitney Fidalgo Seafoods Inc. plant, Puss and Boots Number 9, a new salmon parts and liver cat food went into production for the Quaker Oats Company last week. The new cat food can be made and canned year around as the contents can be made from frozen fish and liver.

July 23, 1980

The on-again, off-again U.S. military draft registration program was in the “on” phase Monday morning, when 19 and 26-year-olds in Anacortes and throughout the nation marched to their post offices to sign up.

Four million young men are to register this week and next for a possible military draft after Supreme Court Justice William Brennan Jr. decided Saturday that the Selective Service System could go ahead with registration pending a decision by the full Supreme Court on an appeal.

Brennan’s decision overturned a ruling Friday in a lower federal court that the registration program was unconstitutional because it excluded women.

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