July 8, 1920

Registration is necessary this year for those who wish to vote at the coming primary election and in the general election following. This is not generally understood, but it is a fact. The provisions of the election law covering registration provides that those voters who appear at the polls and cast a ballot shall be retained on the list by the registration officer; that the whole list shall be automatically cancelled every three years. In effect this means that though a voter may cast his ballot at each primary and general election, he must register every three years if he wishes to vote the third year. This is the year.

July 10, 1930

Plans for the completion of port projects here that would make 1930 outstanding in port development have been advanced by members of the port commission.

Marking an improvement in approaches to the new Cap Sante waterway dock, the commissioners have instructed Frank Gilkey, port engineer, to begin construction work on the grading of the eastern half of Q avenue from 13th to 15th street.

When the work is completed, a perfect approach to the new dock will be underway making it possible for trucks to follow the paving on 15th street to Q avenue and then turn onto the waterway approach.

July 11, 1940

John Dorcy, city clerk is finding no little extra work since the new stringent border laws between the United States and Canada went into effect July 1.

Many people are finding the blue registration cards received by them from the clerk when they register for voting, are proving an aid in establishing citizenship for persons wishing to travel from this country to Canada and back.

July 6, 1950

There are 3,852 workers employed by 276 firms in the Anacortes area, it was revealed yesterday in quarterly figures released by Charles White, manager of the local Washington State Employment bureau.

“This represents the total employment of firms hiring one or more workers in a three to four mile radius of Anacortes,: White said, “and includes Civilian employees at the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.”

These figures do not include agricultural workers, or any firms which normally do not employ at least one man.

July 7, 1960

Man’s best friends are waiting for new owners at the Dog Pound this week, according to City Manager Archie French.

Six dogs are being offered by the pound. They include a male cocker, a male terrier, a springer spaniel, a beagle pup, a male shepherd and a male Pekingese.

July 9, 1970

Mayor Jim Rice climaxed the Anacortes City Council meeting Tuesday evening by reading the resignation of City Manager Earl Diller after the council had worked its way through a long agenda that saw many items referred to next Tuesday’s study session.

No action was taken on the resignation by the Council after some of the members voice their opinions on the subject.

Councilman Robert Perry said that the majority voted for the council-manager form of government and added, “We should not accept the resignation until we have another man for the job as we will have the mayor form until we get someone.”

July 9, 1980

The Anacortes City Council failed Monday night to completely settle the issue of parking striping along city streets.

In particular, questions remain concerning two hour parking limitations.

The first item on the City Council agenda Monday evening, the parking ordinance, had been discussed at length in a past council sessions.

“We’ve talked about it so much it’s getting boring,” said council member Karolyn Kribs.

According to City Attorney Steve Mansfield, the legality of the striping is not an issue. He had stated in previous sessions that any deviation from state code on striping and parking is against state law.

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