Aug. 3, 1899

The employees at the depots and wharves know more about railroading than sailing. This is proven by a chapter of incidents extending over several years. Agent McRae of the Union wharf, got a ducking one bright day. … Agent Braemer of the Ocean wharf, went out for a sail… and soon afterward was rescued from the bottom of his upturned boat. Land Agent Hagen of the Seattle & Northern, went out by his lonely one day during a heavy blow. The wind was from the west, and Hagen had a clear course across to Guemes. Then trouble began. He had not taken many lessons in sailing, and after many twists and turns concluded that the best way to turn the little boat about and return home would be to run her up on Guemes beach, turn her around, and then launch her headed for town. This he did, and by good luck finally reached his starting point.

Aug. 5, 1909

Light of heart as nearly a half century ago but with step less buoyant the old soldiers of Northwest Washington are this week in evidence in Anacortes. The old boys receive a hearty welcome at the hands of a grateful people, who are proud of their guests, the gallant defenders of the flag in one of history’s greatest conflicts, the Civil War of the sixties (1860s).

Such gatherings are none too frequent for the ranks of the Veterans are yearly being thinned and their memories of the great strife gradually fading. But what these and their comrades accomplished in the long ago, will never be effaced from the minds of liberty loving citizens, always ready and willing to accord the old soldiers their full mead of praise.

Aug. 1, 1929

Next Tuesday afternoon, August 6, at 5 o’clock, the Skagit county fair will open its gates to the public for its eighteenth annual exhibition. Never before have the prospects been so bright of a complete week of well-rounded success.

This prospective success has been made possible by the generous and unstinted support that all organizations of the county have offered. Every community of county has been active this year in its support of the fair, every farm organization…have united in a manner which as made the work of the directors of the fair a pleasure rather than a burden …

Aug. 3, 1929

A Coast Guard boat, to be based permanently at Anacortes, was believed assured for the city of Anacortes, by January of next year, said word received from Anacortes.

Since the former Coast Guard base, in Anacortes was consolidated and transferred to Port Angeles nearly ten years ago, the city has made vigorous attempts at different times to secure a boat to be stationed in this locality. …

Local persons who have pushed this issue believe that Anacortes by its close proximity to the San Juan Islands and the Canadian border is a logical position for such a Coast Guard base.

Aug. 4, 1949

Those who saw the forest of masts crowding the Anacortes waterfront this last week realize how important an improved moorage is to this city. Over a hundred seiners tied up wherever they could fasten a line and as one fellow put it “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait till the Alaskan fleet gets down here.” Anacortes is perfectly situated to be the year round headquarters of the fishing fleet as well as an ideal home port for pleasure craft. If congress grants our request for harbor dredging it will mean more to this town than most people realize.

Aug. 6, 1959

There must be a champion in everything from flagpole sitting to jay walking and the Anacortes Public Library has a couple too.

A book came in recently 686 days overdue. It has a … fine of $13.72—unpaid. The girl who checked it out in 1957 holds a record of sorts. Name of the tome is the Victor Book of Opera. So, some of the high notes took practice, but really.

July 31, 1969

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will hold an evening dedication ceremony tomorrow (Friday) at 7 p.m. at Bayview State Park, to commemorate opening of the new beach recreation area at this waterfront park.

The project added a beach recreation area of more than 3 acres, which was created by extensive dredging operation, and includes 600 feet of sandy beach and parking area for approximately 100 vehicles, a new park entrance, and an new bridge underpass, the design of which was achieved in cooperation with the Skagit County Commissioners.

August 2, 1989

After signing a contract last week, the City of Anacortes and the Anacortes Police Services Guild now are researching what police officers earn in other Skagit county cities.

The Anacortes City Council has admitted that police salaries here are low compared with other cities in the area.

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