Old Anacortes

June 8, 1950 — OLD ANACORTES — Pictured above is Commercial avenue back in the days when wooden planks served as paving and the horse was still more convenient than the automobile. Do you recognize the location? To the right: current site of the post office, and the former Vendome hotel. Across the street, a general store building and another hotel, The Pioneer.

June 10, 1920

Anacortes school census shows a satisfactory increase in school population in the past year, considering the exodus of hundreds of shipyard workers, and would indicate a considerable growth in the population of the city. Anacortes has 1,595 children of school age, the returns having just been completed by Mr. E.C.H. Squire. One year ago there were 1,545 children of school age, some 50 fewer than there are on the rolls this year. This indicates an increase in population in the year of nearly two hundred, or of 190 to be exact, using the same percentage as that disclosed by the census of ten years ago.

June 12, 1930

The city council, sitting as a committee of the whole worked harmoniously and effectively in a continuous session lasting nearly five hours Tuesday night, from 7 until nearly 12 o’clock midnight, whipping out the details of preparation for the Skagit river water supply extension.

W.C. Morse and Carl D. Pollock, engineers in charge, reported excellent progress relative to rights-of-way. The United States engineers have approved the plans of the intake and withdrawal of Skagit water; negotiations are in progress for easements required from the U.S. Bureau of Indian affairs, the state land department, highway department, and diking district no. 12, while the permit from the board of county commissioners is yet to be worked out.

June 13, 1940

Because of the confusion of many of the sportsmen of Anacortes and vicinity, the Chamber of Commerce Salmon Derby Committee announced this week that it is sponsoring only one salmon derby that is recognized as the official annual Anacortes Salmon Derby.

This is the fourth year that the Chamber is sponsoring the derby in the interests of salt water sport fishing.

June 8, 1950

Should Anacortes be selected as the site for a new major industry, can the city absorb and house workers migrating into this area during its first months of construction and operation?

The answer is yes, according to the text of a recent island-wide survey conducted by the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce.

Although the exact number of low-rent units available for such an emergency was undisclosed, it was deemed ample to provide for an influx up to 400 workers.

According to information supplied by local motel, apartment and hotel owners, city real estate agents, on the basis of sale and rental listings, and Mrs. Sybil Hansen, executive director of the Anacortes Housing Authority, accommodations for 200 workers could be made available almost immediately.

June 11, 1970

Appointments, requests, contracts, and authorization to call for bids and the 1970-71 school activities program got the attention of the Anacortes School Board in its regular monthly meeting Monday evening.

In its first action of the evening, the board, as a result of a recent law passed in the State Legislature appointed Superintendent Arnold Bowers as secretary of the board, Mrs. W.D. Thatcher was appointed auditoring officer while Mrs. Thatcher and Mrs. Howard Fayette were named custodians of the funds.

June 11, 1980

Business has “never been better” in downtown Anacortes, say merchants and officials.

But they also add that the parking problem has never been worse.

With that in mind, the Anacortes City Council Monday night directed City Manager Bob Olander to prepare for council consideration a new city parking ordinance to apply to the commercial district between 4th and 11th Streets and O and Q avenues.

The new ordinance is needed, said city Public Works Director Dave Ford, because the city is now violating state law regarding the striping on streets.

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