June 17, 1920

… Anacortes south of Nineteenth street does not want a sewer system. Several hundred names are on the remonstrance, sufficient to kill the whole program, and it has been saved in part by the amendment of the original plan by the engineer and the organization of a district which eliminates acreage and many sparsely settled districts, and the matter will again be before the council at its next session after the remonstrance is checked over and those protestants whose property has been left out of the district have been eliminated.

June 19, 1930

District U.S. Census Supervisor H.H. Ells has completed the preliminary summing up of the count in his six Northwest Washington counties, which have a combined population of 130,216, an increase of 19,042 in the last ten years; 9,360 farms, increase 1,318; combined total unemployed adults reported, as of April 1, 1930, 1,993. The counties of Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Jefferson and Clallam and included.

June 19, 1940

Prospects that the Anacortes Paper Products Company whose plant is located at 18th and R avenue next to the Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company plant, may become an active industry in the community were seen here this week thru two developments.

Announcement was made Monday evening of this week that a special meeting of the stockholders of the company will be held at the company offices on Saturday, June 29th. Tuesday evening James Rorrison, acting for the Paper products company appeared before the city council and urged support of that group towards placing the plant in active production.

June 15, 1950

Businessmen in the north Commercial district of Anacortes this week are raising their voices against the downtown installation of parking meters.

In an ordinance passed last week by the City Council, conditions were outlined for the spacing of meters from the “south line of 3rd to the north line of 9th” along Commercial and selected side streets.

Claiming that the latest council action was taken despite longstanding objections, and that is discriminates between north and south end merchants, north district businessmen are seeking to reopen meter hearings.

June 16, 1960

Progress was made this week on the Rosario Road improvement plan when authorization for condemnation action to be filed on additional right-of-way process was enacted at the Skagit county commissioners’ meeting in Mount Vernon. The Rosario Road changes would eliminate the hazardous A-turn near Marine Drive. At present, not only regular traffic must use the road but it is also the route traveled by school buses. The new road would cut 1700 feet of highway and provide a swifter, more scenic means for Whidbey Islanders to reach Anacortes.

June 18, 1970

Installation charges for new water service will cost more from here on out, the Anacortes City Council decided Tuesday evening in regular session.

The increase, depending on the size of service, will go all the way from $25 to $700 within the city while hook-ups outside the city limits will jump on the same margin. The new charges inside the city will be 5/8” x 3/4” meter, $125; 3/4”, $150; one inch, $175; one and half inch, $250; two inch, $400; three inch, $800; four inch, $1300; six inch, $2600.

June 18, 1980

The State Transportation Commission Tuesday morning assured residents of Canada and northwest Washington that the international ferry run between Anacortes and Sidney, B.C. will continue to sail.

A possible temporary shutdown of the run because of vessel shortages in the state ferry system was ruled out by the commission at a meeting in Olympia.

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