June 24, 1920

The lid was clamped down Saturday night and for the next two weeks pleasure autos must run on hot air if at all. The Standard Oil Co., notified the various garages that it could supply gasoline for trucks and essential industries, but until the temporary shortage is overcome pleasure cars were barred. A tanker is not expected until July 2, and it may not arrive until a later date.

June 29, 1930

By unanimous vote at Tuesday evening’s adjourned regular meeting, the city council authorized the mayor, chief of police and chief of fire department to prepare and put into immediate effect strict regulations against the dangerous use of fireworks in the city on account of the approaching celebration of Independence Day, Friday, July 4.

It was pointed out that it is an urgent duty for all citizens this year, owing to the need of conserving city water for industrial and domestic use, to guard against destructive fires in every possible way. Firecrackers are particularly dangerous to property and will be permitted only where there is no inflammable property.

June 27, 1940

Moving to link Deception Pass State Park and Rosario Beach together by direct road, Skagit County Commissioners will meet at the court house in Mount Vernon on Monday, July 8 for the purpose of hearing a report from the county engineer on the proposed road.

Acting upon a plan to link the two popular beaches on the south end of Fidalgo Island several miles from Anacortes, the Commissioners early in June authorized the county engineers office to conduct an exhaustive survey of the proposed new road which will be known as the Cougar Gap Road.

… Tho the Deception Pass State Park and Rosario Beach lie adjacent to each other, the only means of traveling from one to another now is over a small foot path placed in by a CCC camp that was located at the park a few years ago.

June 22, 1950

Anacortes will have parking meters as planned.

This was the decision reached at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting when it was voted four to one in a council roll call that no further action would be taken on the issue.

Originally the ordinance supporting parking meters for a designated area of Commercial Avenue and adjacent streets was passed at a Council session Tuesday, June 6.

The measure brought about a storm of disapproval from merchants in the affected area who contested the necessity for such a move.

June 23, 1960

Anacortes’ first traffic counters will be installed some time within the next few days, according to Archie French, City Manager. The counters are a part of the city’s block by block land use survey which was inaugurated a week ago Monday.

The over-all survey is another step on Anacortes’ comprehensive plan for future development.

June 25, 1970

“Swimming pool” are two words that seem to come up frequently whenever Anacortes residents get together and looking ahead, the YMCA Board has earmarked a pool as its number one project.

Led by Jerry Ferguson, the YMCA is presently studying the availability of land for a pool. Ferguson at a recent meeting of the group accepted the chairmanship of this chore.

… At present, a swimming pool bank account, made up of monies collected in the community during the 1950s, is being held in the Peoples National Bank and is open to any donations. This account, according to Bob Barclay of the bank, has a balance of approximately $3,000.

June 25, 1980

The public works department of the City of Anacortes, anticipating an eventual fall of ash in the city from volcanic Mt. St. Helens, is preparing an emergency services plan for basic utilities.

“We’re working on the water system plan now and will eventually get to streets and other areas,” said Dave Ford, city public works director.

The plan will be made public when it is complete, said Ford. He said it is based on knowledge obtained from other Washington cities which have already experienced an ashfall, such as Yakima and Longview.

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