March 12, 1891

The glorious weather of the past week has given an impetus to building operations in all parts of the city. On nearly every principal street men are engaged in excavating and building, and the sound of the hammer and trowel is heard at every corner. From present indications the coming spring and summer will witness a building boom exceeding the expectations of the most sanguine.

March 9, 1911

Does hog raising pay? It would seem it does, judging by the experience of Joe Matthews, who has a fine hog ranch near March’s Point. Two hogs brought in by Mrs. Matthews on Monday weighed 240 and 190 pounds respectively. The larger one was sold to the Frye Company, netting the neat little sum of $26.80…

March 10, 1921

Saturday last a world of oil was let loose somewhere in local waters, an oil geyser had broken through or a big tanker had spilled her cargo in the vicinity, for Guemes channel was covered thinly from shore to shore, the fluid spreading thinly and evenly over the water and carried in by the tide… hundreds of waterfowl were destroyed by the oil, for ducks are unable to fly after their feathers are touched by the oil, and they were carried to the beach by hundreds.

March 12, 1931

When the clocks stop at the capitol building tonight the Deception Pass Bridge appropriation will still be listed among the probabilities that may become actualities within the next few hours. Wm. F. McCracken told the American on Thursday morning that, unless some unexpected quibble were thrown into the work of the conference committee, the bridge appropriation of half a million dollars would stand.

March 8, 1951

By golly we’ve found a chicken who’s willing to give the customer his 67 cents worth. How about you other birds matching this one? Walter McClure, of 42nd and O, came in the AMERICAN yesterday with the report that one of his hens had produced an egg measuring 8 inches by 6 3/4 in circumference.

March 9, 1961

George Jackson, 56, is about to lose his home. Of course, it isn’t really his. He’s just been living there for the past three years. Jackson lives at the city dump. …He came up three years ago from Seattle to work for a former garbage contractor. The man who now holds the contract for the city wants him to go. Jackson accepts this calmly, “Well, I’ll just go,” he says.

March 11, 1971

Anacortes Police Sergeant Bud Clark ended the freedom of a bank robbery suspect and jail escape artist on the streets of Anacortes last Thursday afternoon. Clark recognized the suspect, Robert M. Reynolds, 23, while off duty and in a local gas station. …He escaped from the Seattle city jail with four others after overpowering a guard on September 30, 1969. … One man, three women and a baby known to be associated with a “hippie” commune on March’s Point were in the car in which Reynolds was a passenger during the arrest but were released. Clark stated that Reynolds is not the “hippie” type, even though he had sideburns and a mustache and was with a group from the Point.

March 11, 1981

The Guemes ferry is operating again after mechanical difficulties caused a near beaching near the Guemes dock on the 12:05 p.m. run. Ray Separovich, who was at the ferry helm at the time, said the vessel suffered no damage.

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