Looking Back – March 24, 2021
1971: CUTTING A DEEP PATH–The Anacortes waterways fronting the Guemes Channel has been the scene of some extra activity during the past week as the Manson Construction Company of Seattle has been on the job dredging near the Port’s log dock. The added depth, as a result of the dredging, will allow larger ships to berth at the log dock to load logs from the water.

March 23, 1911

What proved to be a more disastrous fire than was at first suspected, occurred at the W.R. Burke shingle mill on Monday, when the dry kiln was destroyed. The fire broke out about 11 o’clock, and the firemen under Chief Conway, worked all day and all night. Mayor Soule, representing the city council, sent out forty dinners for the fire fighters, which was greatly appreciated by the boys.

March 24, 1921

Washington is, to all intents and purposes, to be robbed of the Roosevelt highway and the tourists of generations to come are to be deprived of the wonderful scenery of the Cascades, the Skagit, the San Juan Island, Deception Pass, the Peninsula, if the selfish plans of Portland and of a few men powerful in state politics are to prevail in the routing and marking of the great boulevard from Spokane to Portland.

March 26, 1931

Whizz! Zi-p-p! Crash! A bullet whizzed over the heads of half a dozen children playing in the yard between the houses of E. A. Abbott and Dr. Llewellyn Cook Sunday afternoon about 1 o’clock and crashed into the bedroom window of the Cook residence and lodged in the wall beyond. …Chief Al Sellenthin was called, and he took the bullet to investigate the origin of the shot.

March 23, 1961

Anacortes artists were in the spotlight as their works were on display in Seattle Art galleries. Most important was the one-man show at the Seattle Art Museum by prominent local sculptor, Phil McCracken. Recognized as the one of the Northwest’s foremost sculptors, McCracken resides on Guemes island which as prove the inspiration for many of his outstanding contributions to the world of art. Paintings by Mrs. Dorothy Barbee are at the Seligman Gallery in the Wilsonian hotel.

March 25, 1971

During the month of February over 23,000 persons traveled through the Ship Harbor Ferry Terminal in Anacortes according to figures released this week by the Washington State Ferry office.

March 25, 1981

At the one-room school on Decatur Island, the hardest drugs you’ll find are cough drops. The only busing problem is an occasional spat over who gets to sit in the front seat of the rust-ridden ‘63 Chevy that brings the kids to school. And the only crime is when one of the school’s four students steals a hug from their teacher. Not your typical school. But then, Decatur Island is not your typical community.

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