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March 19, 1980 — OWNERS OF these homes in the Dewey Beach, Gibralter and Similk Beach areas remain without adequate sewer services while the future of Sewer District No. 3 remains tied up in legalities. 

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March 18, 1920 

There will be something doing at once in the way of pushing the Cap Sante Waterway project if the city council has its way about it, and apparently it can have its way, for that at present is the only body through which the promoters can work. The matter appears to have been sleeping quietly for some weeks, but it was awakened with some violence Tuesday night when councilman Queen moved that the property owners in the proposed waterway improvement district be invited to meet with the city council at its next session to formulate and adopt plans by which the work can be proceeded with as soon as possible.


March 20, 1930 

Jay W. Thaanum, state horticultural inspector for Skagit county, has come forward with a plan to kill all the rats in the Anacortes city garbage dump in short order, gassing them like they did the boys on the Western front … As each of the estimated 4,000 to 5,000 rats living in the Anacortes city dump represents a loss of $2 a year to the city, City Health Officer H. E. Frost, Mayor F. N. Haley, the board of health, city council and police department, any or all may take an interest in the suggestion.


March 14, 1940 

Seeking to sound out public opinion on the Annual Marineers’ Pageant the Anacortes Lions club will sponsor a “man on the street” plan this Saturday afternoon. Thru the use of a loudspeaker, moved from corner to corner thruout will be sounded out in a manner that will bring the question of a celebration this summer squarely before the public.

Dr. Lawrence Nicholson, who originated this novel procedure, Harold Trulson together with other members of the Lions club will be in charge of running off the public questionnaire. It is planned to start on lower Commercial Avenue with the portable microphone and to interrogate both merchants and persons on the streets regarding their sentiments toward a celebration in Anacortes this summer.


March 17, 1960 

There will be no — repeat no — signs on the roofs of city buildings if the Planning Commission has its way. Besides this, the group wants to define that nebulous term “semi-public building.”

No word of precisely what a “semi-public building” is has reached the press other than a recent pronouncement that such edifices are those containing foot baths.

This definition, however, did not come from the planners. Fruits of their deliberations are not yet public.


March 19, 1970 

Following in the footsteps of Sedro-Woolley, Burlington and Mount Vernon, the Anacortes City Council Thursday evening passed an ordinance to start collecting a half-cent sales tax within the city starting April 1.

The half-cent tax shall be imposed upon and collected from those persons from whom the state sales tax is collected the ordinance reads. Skagit County also got in the sales tax race Tuesday after it passed a resolution of intent stating they mean to pass the half-cent tax in the county beginning April 1.


March 19, 1980 

Local and national developments this week sparked new optimism that 11-week-old strike by the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union may soon come to an end.

Officials of the Texaco and Shell refineries at March Point met with local union representatives after the Denver-based union announced Monday that a contract offer from Gulf Oil Corp. had been accepted.

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