Sept. 14, 1911

Last Saturday afternoon, while the milk wagon of C. Culver was standing near the Great Northern depot and Mr. Culver was delivering milk to one of his customers in that section of the city, his team became frightened at something or other and bolted. They made record time down Seventh street to Commercial avenue, down that thoroughfare to Sixth street, where they were stopped. Meantime milk was scattered over the street and both wheels on one side of the wagon ripped entirely off the rig. Otherwise no damage was done.

Sept. 15, 1921

The remains of Arthur Carlson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carlson, Seventeenth street and L avenue, who was killed in action in France, are on their way from Hoboken, N.J., to Anacortes, and are expected to arrive here early next week. It is planned to hold the funeral the following Sunday, unless it should be learned that the remains of Harry Causland will reach here soon after, and in that case the funeral will be delayed to make a double funeral possible.

Sept. 17, 1931

Anacortes Lumber and Box Company, operating a mill and box factory in Anacortes, closed down at noon on Tuesday for an indefinite period. The shutdown came as a climax after the plant had been operating for a day and a half on a reduced wage schedule.

Although the entrances to the mill ground were lined with picketers on Monday and Tuesday morning, demonstrations were mild and there was no display of violence of any kind. The men who stayed out in protest of the wage scale which started at $1.75 a day did their best to gain recruits by verbal persuasion. A stump meeting was held near the main entrance on Monday afternoon but no demonstrations followed.

The men staying out contended that it was impossible to live on the wage offered and also that it would have the effect of dropping the general mill wage scale in the city if they accepted the wages offered.

No effort will be made to run the mill in opposition to the stand taken by the workers.

Sept. 18, 1941

Claiming that a huge sawdust pile lying on city owned property next to their mill was costing them approximately $1,000 a year in expenses the Anacortes Shingle Company, thru Claude Verral this week petitioned the city council to have the sawdust pile removed.

The Petition stated that the sawdust pile lying at the immediate vicinity of the mill from time to time broke off and slid into the log boom pond of the mill causing congestion in the pond and to the log slip and hampering the work at the mill.

Sept. 13, 1951

With necessary materials now available work on the Liquefied Gas Plant will get underway immediately, Anacortes City Gas Manager Everett Fleming said today.

The plant, designed to meet the entire needs of Fidalgo and Whidbey islands, will be located at 23rd and S.

Sept. 13, 1961

Workmen have begun arriving in the area to start construction of two hydro treating units to be erected at the Shell Oil Company’s March’s Point plant.

They represent the Fluor Corporation, of Los Angeles, which was awarded the contract to supervise the construction of the multi-million dollar units.

Sept. 16, 1971

At a cost of $30,000 the Port of Anacortes Commissioners approved the purchase of six acres of railroad right of ways along the north waterfront of Fidalgo Island during its monthly meeting last Thursday evening.

The land to be purchased from the Burlington Northern Railroad is adjacent to the land that the City Of Anacortes is considering purchasing and runs from Ohio Avenue to the Ship Harbor Ferry Terminal, just north of Oakes Avenue.

The abandoned right of way ties into property already owned by the Port causing the interest.

Sept. 16, 1981

An application by an Idaho developer to build a federally-financed, low-income family housing project in Anacortes was met with skepticism by the City Council at Monday’s study session.

Ian Munce, the city’s new community development director, explained that the city has no direct authority to approve or disprove the proposed $1.1 million private-federal project.

The project is proposed by the Harborview Associates, representing private developers located in Sun Valley, Idaho. They seek $1,033,600 in federal monies to build a 32-unit rental apartment complex at 28th St. and O Ave., just south of Island Hospital.

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