Skagit Belle

Nov. 10, 1960 – SKAGIT BELLE – The 206-foot sternwheeler is up for sale, ending her career on the Skagit river. The asking price is $15,000. The Belle, which was built in Everett in 1932, then cost $176,000. She is owned by Mrs. Anna Grimison of Seattle.

Nov. 13,1890

The ship Spartan, a three-master of about 2000 tons burden, was in the harbor last Thursday and remained at anchor during the day. The Spartan arrived from San Francisco with a cargo for Seattle, Tacoma and Port Townsend and a small amount for Bellingham bay. It came to Ship Harbor to secure good anchorage while waiting for its tug. The Spartan left for Bellingham bay Thursday night.


Nov. 10, 1910

According to the Bellingham papers shipments to and from that port are rapidly increasing at late. but we notice that they take great care not to mention Anacortes in connection with the matter, when, as a matter of fact, some of the large shipments for which they are taking due credit really belong to our fair city.


Nov. 11, 1920

The steamer “Apex” came in through the mist of the early morning Sunday, from Ketchikan and Port Walter, arriving at 4 a.m. She made a record trip for the season, having left here only eleven days ago. This is her last voyage for this year. After unloading twenty-two thousand cases of salmon here she succeeded to Seattle Monday night where she will unload a large amount of herring oil, and will be moored here for the winter season.


Nov. 13, 1930 

Two men, Walter W. Keyes, candidates for re-election as port commissioner for the second district and P.F Norman, candidate for commissioner of the first district, to fill the unexpected two year term of Howard J. Sackett, who resigned to become port manager, have petitions ready to file at the county auditor’s office in preparation for the coming port election on December 6, according to reports this week.

Nov. 14, 1940 

Plant expansion at the Anacortes Veneer Company became a reality Tuesday of this week (with) the new dryer and new barker recently purchased by the company to increase the operations. With the new dryer and accompanying machinery now operating, the capacity production of the planet originally 40,000,000 square feet of finished veneer annually has now been doubled to 80,000,000 square feet each year.


Nov. 9, 1950

Concrete plans for a Mt. Erie road have paved the way to realization of a 50-year-old dream that may well bring thousands of tourist to Anacortes.


Nov. 10, 1960

The post-election calm has set in and it’s all over but the counting of absentee ballots.

“The absentee ballots must all be tabulated by Nov.23,” Auditor Al Johnson said.” The ballots themselves, however, must be postmarked by midnight election night.”


Nov. 12, 1970 

Tabulation of absentee ballots at the Skagit County Courthouse finish up Monday evening, and the figure to date (still unofficial) indicate that Duane Berenston and Jim Costanti are winners for positions No. 2 and No. 1 in legislative race.


Nov. 12, 1980

The Port of Anacortes is looking at the feasibility of establishing a major facility here for the export of coal.

The port’s new assistant manager, Ken Kirkland, said this past week that a potentially lucrative market for coal is developing in Japan and other parts of the Pacific Rim — a market which Anacortes may want to be a part of.


 Nov. 14, 1990

Skagit County voters opted for some new faces, but not for new taxes, in last’s week general election.

Leading the list of surprises was the ouster of state Rep. Jim Youngsman, R-Mount Vernon, and the convincing victory of the first-time politician Robby Robinson in the county commissioner’s race.

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