Nov. 19, 1891

By reference to the county commissioners’ proceedings, it will be seen that the petition of T. B. Fish and others, for the condemnation of property for the road and bridge connecting Fidalgo Island with the mainland, has been granted and damages are awarded to the several property owners through whose land the road will run. This is the first step, it might be said, toward building the bridge which is of such great importance to the people of the west end of the county. What now remains to be accomplished is to obtain permission from the war department to bridge the Swinomish channel and from the interior department to cross the Swinomish reservation, and Mr. Fish, with his customary energy, has been in correspondence with the departments regarding these questions and now has them well under way.

Nov. 14, 1901

All but one of the salmon canneries at Anacortes have closed for the season, after what is probably the most successful year for fishing ever known on Puget sound. The total pack for this city is about 328,000 cases, valued at about one and three-quarter millions of dollars. The greater part of the pack is of sockeye salmon, which now takes rank as the highest class of salmon caught and put into cans.

The A. P. A. and Fidalgo canneries each have a pack of about 100,000 cases.

Nov. 16, 1911

One of the worst storms experienced by any portion of the Puget Sound country in fifteen years was that of last Friday and Saturday, and which had not fully abated until Sunday. Not only was it unusually cold, but the wind was exceptionally strong and the thermometer dropped lower than it has been at this time of year for fifteen seasons.

Nov. 17, 1921

The members of the baseball teams making up the City League want a new baseball park, and the Eagles are very much interested in the matter and so are a number of business men and all the members of the city council. All the parties got together Tuesday evening at a dinner arranged by the fans to the baseball players, and the matter of a new athletic park, which would not be only a baseball field, but a football field and play ground for the children was discussed. All agreed as to the need and all agreed to work together in an effort to give the city a new athletic field.

Nov. 19, 1931

Seventy-three youngsters received milk through the American Legion milk fund bottles which are distributed throughout the city during the first week of its operation. Approximately twenty dollars was collected by the public’s donations.

Last week, the second of the milk fund operation saw contributions dwindle to about twelve dollars. This is not enough to take care of the entire demand on the Legion fund, which at present takes about seventeen dollars a week.

Nov. 15, 1951

Prospects for an extensive street-improvement program, at a comparatively low cost to residents, were revealed today by Mayor Joe Hagan.

Hagan said Commissioner Wallace Sharp had assured the city of county cooperation in resurfacing of Anacortes streets.

Sharpe told city representatives that when county road equipment was not in use elsewhere it could be made available to Anacortes, along with some materials, and the charge to the city would not be more than cost.

Under this plan badly needed resurfacing jobs throughout the city could be completed at a cost to the people considerably less than what it would be if contractors were employed to do the job at a profit.

Nov. 15, 1961

Pre-emergency ration card registration will be made available to those heads of households who have not received forms in the power company mailing, Skagit County Auditor A. H. Johnson said today.

Puget Sound Power and Light Co. is mailing registration forms to their customers.

Nov. 17, 1971

A drop-in teen crisis center will be established, probably in the city of Anacortes, to meet the problems of young people, drug abuse possibly the most prevalent one.

The proposal, just certified under state law, was the subject of a series of meetings held last week with William H. Peckham, MSW, state drug abuse program coordinator from Olympia who has endorsed the innovative center concept.

Modeled to some extent on programs such as Seattle’s Open Door Clinic the center will provide an off-the-street counseling center with information and referral also available.

Nov. 18, 1981

Ten years worth of planning work by Hanson Properties was stopped cold Monday night as the Skagit County Planning Commission unanimously denied the firm’s application for a planned unit development on Cypress Island near Anacortes.

Despite Hanson’s claims that the proposal constitutes a quality, slow-growth development, the commissioners rejected the application, saying that too many questions were being left unanswered.

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