Looking Back – Nov. 6, 1969

Nov. 6, 1969 — Volunteers for off-stage work in the Anacortes Community Theater production “Barefoot In the Park” are shown busily painting and building sets for the play to be produced later this month.

Nov. 6, 1919 

Can you sit at your piano and play it continuously with both hands for over 65 hours? “Try it, it’s fine,” says J. M. Waterbury, the marathon pianist who is in our city and is to give us a demonstration of his endurance at the piano.

Mr. Waterbury begins tomorrow, Friday, at 10 a.m. in the show window of the Dodge jewelry store, in an attempt to break his world record of 65 hours, 20 minutes and 45 seconds. … During this length of time he stops for nothing — both hands are engaged in playing at all times — his food is given to him by an attendant.


Nov. 7, 1929 

By December 1st the work of dredging the Cap Sante waterway will be started, and work is now under way in placing of the piling and bulkheading for the filling in of Q avenue from Ninth to Seventeenth streets, making a street 80 feet wide for use by mills in trucking their shipments to the docks on Guemes channel.

Eleventh and Thirteenth streets will also be filled, and the block between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, and Commercial and Q, which was leased to the Shell Oil company last August, will be filled in for their buildings.


Nov. 9, 1039 

State game protector Lawrence Seabury announced this week that 1,200 Chinese pheasants would soon be planted in Skagit county.

Seabury asked the assistance of Skagit sportsmen in planting these birds, requesting them to submit suggestions as to where they should be planted.

The majority of birds would be hens, Seabury said.


Nov. 10, 1949 

“Swing your ma, swing your pa. ….

An’ don’t forget Ol’ Arkansa” —

The High school P. T. A. will meet in the Junior High school at 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 10th. There will be the regular business session followed by the social hour when the parents will enjoy square dancing. Refreshments will be served.

So bring ma, bring pa.

An’ don’t forget Grandmama.


Nov. 5, 1959 

All telephones on Guemes Island will be replaced on Sunday, Nov. 15 in connection with installation of new dial equipment in the Anacortes area.

West Coast Telephone Company’s lineman and other service personnel will work all day that Sunday making the changes.

Bert Doph, West Coast Division Manager, said today: “We are sorry to have to do this on Sunday, but it is the only way we can make all the changes in a single day and cause the least possible inconvenience to Guemes Island subscribers.”

Under the new system all telephones will utilize “harmonic ringing” which means that each subscriber on two or four party lines will hear only his own ring.

Nov. 6, 1969

All was quiet in Anacortes Halloween night, Police Chief Pete Dragovich reported Monday morning. Except or some instances of egg throwing Dragovich felt that the evening as a whole, was quieter than last Halloween.

A local 18-year-old juvenile girl was arrested for forgery at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday of last week and was taken to juvenile detention. The girl was arrested in connection with several checks that were forged in the Anacortes area.


Nov. 7, 1979

Two Fidalgo Island locations are listed as potentially hazardous waste sites in a list released by a House subcommittee.

The Anacortes Works of Allied Chemical Corp. on March Point and a former Skagit dump site near the Swinomish Slough were included in the more than 3,000 locations cited by the subcommittee as “posing potential hazards.” 

But spokesmen for both local sites said the wastes stored on Fidalgo Island were safe.  Joseph P. Abhold, manager of the Allied plant, said the waste disposal of the company has been tested and found non-hazardous.

… Like Abhold, Skagit County Public Works Engineer Bob Lovejoy denied the existence of hazardous materials at the site.

“All we deal with is household garbage and construction scraps,” Lovejoy said. “I don’t know where the heck they got their information.”

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