Oct. 29, 1891

The announcement that Henry Villard of the Northern Pacific was on his way to Anacortes, Tuesday evening, aroused intense enthusiasm on the part of the residents of the city, and at an early hour the Tenth street depot was thronged with an eager crowd of people, all anxious to see the man whose voice had done so much for the Puget Sound country in connection with his road, and whose vote in favor of Anacortes would have a decided influence upon its future. 

The train drew up to the station at 9:15 p.m., and was immediately boarded by the councilmen and a number of the leading citizens who were present, and who gave the distinguished visitor a hearty welcome.


Oct. 26, 1911

When the whistles blow summoning men to work on the first day of November, approximately 100 additional men will respond to the plant of the Anacortes Lumber & Box company, and from that date on the big mill will be kept in constant operation with a full crew totaling, in all departments, about 150 men.

It is about a month since the sawmill portion of the plant was closed down because of an overstock in the yards, but during the intervening time more than 4,000,000 feet of lumber has been manufactured into box shooks, thus relieving the situation to such an extent that it will be possible to saw constantly from now on.


Oct. 27, 1921

Anacortes Elks have captured the next state convention it is announced this week with the withdrawal of all candidates for the big convention in favor of this city.


Oct. 29, 1931

As an aid to navigation and to assist ships in locating the Commercial Dock during foggy weather, the Port Commission has installed a foghorn at the foot of Commercial Avenue.

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