Oct. 8, 1891

Street grading on an extensive scale was begun in Anacortes on Monday morning. Constructor Willis, who was in Tacoma on Sunday with all of his tools and apparatus, said to his men: “we start work in Anacortes noon tomorrow,” and accomplished his determination, though to do so necessitated considerable haste in loading the necessary implements and getting all things in readiness.

Oct. 5, 1911

Since the day current has been supplied in Anacortes, many are installing electric devices and motors. The electric flatiron probably is the most popular household device in use, but the toaster and coffee percolator also are convenient and many predict “the electric kitchen” is a thing of the near future.

Oct. 6, 1921

Irving Henry Barbee, killed in action in France, October 5, 1918, was buried in Mt. Vernon, Sunday last by the Anacortes Elks and by the Golden Stars Post American Legion.

Oct. 8, 1931

Taxation, one of the greatest problems of individuals and law makers, brought between three and four hundred people to the county court house at Mount Vernon on Tuesday afternoon for the public hearing on the proposed county budget as submitted by the county commissioners.

Particular attention had been focused on this meeting by the formation of a Taxpayers’ Relief Association which held meetings in Mount Vernon twice this week before the hearing took place. This association composed principally of farmers had drawn up a budget of their own which they had announced would be submitted to the commissioners Tuesday afternoon.

Oct. 9, 1941

Anacortes will have an 83-foot Coast Guard boat carrying a complement of ten men stationed here within the near future, it was revealed here this week Commander Coberly, commanding the Bellingham Coast Guard base was in Anacortes early this week meeting with members of the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of lining up berthing facilities for the large boat.

Oct. 4, 1951

Costs of construction were soaring today while the Anacortes School district was waiting for the necessary steel allocation from the government to go ahead with completion of Central Grade School.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mrs. Pearl Wanamaker, said today that bids now coming in on school construction jobs were nearly double what officials had estimated they would be.

Oct. 4, 1961

The planned construction of a new Safeway Store moved a step closer today after City Council last night approved a request to vacate the west 180 feet of an alley between 9th and 10th streets.

Oct. 7, 1971

The United Transportation Co. Seattle, has filed a notice of appeal with the Pollution Control Board on a $15,000 fine assessed against them by the state Department of Ecology. The case stems from the April 26, 1971 oil spill near Anacortes.

The Department of Ecology issued the penalty notice, charging the company with negligence in the 200,000 gallon oil spill in Padilla Bay. The notice of penalty was issued by the state on June 17, 1971.

Oct. 7, 1981

There is “bad news” from the federal government for Washington state fishermen, according to the state Department of Fisheries.

As many as one million Washington-produced adult salmon will be cut from the Washington-Oregon sport and Commercial catch if federal funding for this state’s Columbia River salmon hatcheries is eliminated.

The funding cut, proposed by the Reagan administration, represents the closure of six state Columbia River salmon hatcheries which produce approximately 29 million chinook and coho salmon annually.

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