Looking Back Oct. 16

October 16, 1969 – FINAL PLANS: DiAnn Balthazor, kneeling, assigns last-minute jobs for Anacortes High School's Homecoming tomorrow to Dick Wooding, left, Phyllis Arneson, Linda Atterberry, Queen Gayle Lauderback, Ann Winge, Helen James and Kenny Moore. Wooding and Moore football co-captains were instructed to insure a victory over the Tigers tomorrow night, and the girls, princesses in the homecoming court, were advised of their part in the gala event. Miss Balthazor is general chairman of 1959 AHS Homecoming. 

Oct. 16, 1919

Affected by the general spirit of unrest and with what they considered a better grievance than most strikers have, a bunch of high school boys went out on strike Wednesday, for the boys will not stand for dirty hands and there was, they claimed, no water in the high school in which to wash them. They went home early in the afternoon and washed up, after which most of them returned to their studies. It is not known whether parents acted as arbitrators or strikebreakers or the school authorities surrendered and promised plenty of water for the next day, or if the strikers went back on the old terms. It appears that water for drinking and sanitary purposes has been very scarce at the high school, and boys at their games Wednesday noon soiled their hands and perhaps their faces.

Oct. 17, 1929

Hunting deer on Fidalgo island is prohibited, and “fire hunting” is absolutely against the law. Deputy Game Wardens Wilson and Horsey arrested Jim Wright and Earl B. Barrington of Anacortes Tuesday night for hunting deer with lights near the Graham farm on Oakes avenue, and the two men were taken to Mount Vernon and lodged in jail, with a superior court charge of “fire hunting” against them.

A minimum fine of $250 and a jail sentence is the penalty for this misdemeanor, and the game commissioners of the county are determined to stamp out this illegal practice.

Oct. 19, 1939

“The appeal of magic and magicians is genuine and universal. It is not confined to any nation or people, and is as powerfully exerted upon ‘gron-ups’ as children. Children derive pleasure pleasure from a magical entertainment that can only be equaled by the glamour of the circus.” So asserted Birch, Master Magician, who will present is mystifying array of tricks and illusions at the Anacortes High school gym., Thursday, October 26, for the benefit of underprivileged children and under the sponsorship of the Anacortes Kiwanis club.

Oct. 20, 1949

Edward Edge, Anacortes garage mechanic, lost his left eye last weekend following an accident that occurred while he was working in the garage at the Benson Motors in this city. Edge was injured while servicing a car. He was stuck squarely in the left eye with a piece of steel. He was taken to St. Lukes Hospital in Bellingham.

Oct. 15, 1959

Plans for a Halloween Hay Ride were discussed when the Denim Dudes met last Saturday evening in the club rooms at the Raymond Moseley home.

The group will meet at the E. J. Kidder home at seven o’clock Saturday evening, October thirty-first and proceed in a covered truck provided by Mr. Kidder. A wiener roast at Bowman’s Bay will be a highlight of the event.

Oct. 16, 1969

A permanent committee to keep Causland Park alight each Christmas is now being formed and the co-operation of the entire community is necessary to support this effort.

Help is needed in four areas: financial aid on a regular yearly basis; men to help put up the lighting on the Thanksgiving weekend and removal during the weekend after New Years Day, refreshments for work parties, and workers to get cords lamped and ready to put up early in November.

Oct. 17, 1979

The as-yet unopened Majestic Hotel in the 400 block of Commercial Avenue reported that $5,500 worth of items were taken sometime in the past two weeks, according to Anacortes police. A burglar entered through an unlocked door and took an antique brass bed worth $1,500, a six-foot mahogany grandfather clock, valued at $1,500 and many brass door locks worth a total of $2,500, according to police reports.

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