Gold Coin

A gold coin was secretly donated to the Salvation Army. It is shown here in this 2001 file photo. At the time, it was worth about $300.

Dec. 17, 1931

That Skagit is the only county in the northwest part of the state which has received more money from the highway fund than it has paid in during the last twenty-five years is revealed in a dispatch from Olympia. Skagit is credited with paying in $2,267,954 and receiving $2,368,417, or a bounty of $100,463.

Washington’s first state road tax was enacted in 1905, a property levy of one-fourth of a mill, yielding a little more than $200,000. The state now collects around $15,000,000 yearly for highway purposes.

Dec. 11, 1941

All tavern operators in Anacortes received word this week thru the Washington State Liquor Board that they must discontinue the sale of beer ad wine during the periods of blackouts.

Operators of local taverns had thought they were free to sell their products if properly blacked out according to regulations. However the announcement from the board stated that in the best interest of the present crisis the sale should be discontinued during blackout periods.

Dec. 13, 1951

For 30 Seattle orphans there will be no question of whether Santa Claus is “real” this year.

Because Santa is flying from the North Pole by navy plane to give presents to the orphans who will be guests of their sailor “Godfathers at the Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Dec. 21.

Santa will “buzz” the field where the youngsters will be waiting — something he never has been able to do with reindeer and sled — before landing.

Dec. 13, 1961

The Safe Teens, in their clubhouse at the intersection corner of 18th St. and Commercial Ave., are repairing donated toys for Christmas giving.

The kids, whose prime concern in life at present seems to be with their cars, have a second interest these days. They are collecting and reworking worn toys and, if all goes well with their project, they will make it the club’s biggest annual event.

Dec. 16, 1971

Plans are taking shape for a surprise Christmas party for the crew of the Korean Ship Eveline, due here Dec. 21. When Reg LeBrun, official greeter for this port city, had word that the ship was due here during the Christmas season, he contacted others who agreed that it would be fine for the people of Anacortes to provide gifts and a celebration for the men so far from home.

Dec. 9, 1981

Preceded by a downpour and followed by a burst of sunshine, the 12th Annual Anacortes Christmas Parade took place Saturday under semi-drizzly skies.

Despite the cloud cover, the Jaycee Women-sponsored event brought more than a few smiles to the faces of both spectators and participants. A good time was had by all. …

The parade started at Anacortes Middle School and moved down 22nd Street to Commercial Avenue, where it turned south and proceeded down to 4th Street.

Dec. 12, 2001

For at least three years, a secret benefactor has visited the Salvation Army’s kettles in Anacortes to deposit a solid gold coin.

Captain Michael Paugh said that the anonymous philanthropist, dubbed by kettle workers a the “Gold Coin Angel” struck again last week, leaving a one-ounce solid-gold Canadian $50 piece in the kettle in front of the Post Office. The coin, minted in 1999, is worth about $300.

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