Sept. 16, 1920

Rural market day and one day agricultural fair combined with a dollar day sale by every business house in Anacortes, promises to make September 25th a big day in this city. This plan, suggested by Chas. Stapp a week or so ago was taken up by the Chambers of Commerce and Mr. Stapp was placed at the head of a committee instructed to put the affairs through.

…It is planned to make this an annual event, and it is hoped that it may result in the establishment of Anacortes annual agricultural fair, while the get-together days will likely come three or four times a year. And the best of it is Anacortes will pay the freight giving each visitor something worth while coming for besides the big bargains in the stores on that day.


Sept. 18, 1930

Preliminary investigation of the government into the need of a land locked harbor at Cap Sante which undoubtedly will lead to the construction here of one of the best berthing places for small fishing craft on Puget Sound will come September 26, when John Butler, district engineer holds a public hearing in the Elk’s hall.

The plans, which the government engineer will investigate, include the widening of the present Cap Sante waterway another 100 feet and dredging of huge area north of the present waterway for docking of small craft.

…“Although Anacortes is the logical center for the fishing fleet, no provision has ever been made for accommodation of these boats, but the new project will give this city the best landlocked harbor north of Seattle,” H.J. Sackett, head of the port commission, said today.


Sept. 19, 1940


he possibility that a number of Anacortes purse seine boats may be drafted into the defense plans of the Thirteenth Naval District were seen here this week within the announcements that plans to draft a portion of the northwest fishing fleet into the navy are already underway.

Nearly six months ago a survey was conducted of available purse seine boats in Anacortes and the surrounding community by the navy department it was revealed here this week.

Boats drafted into the navy will be used on mine sweeping detail and will form a portion of a Pacific Coast “Mosquito” fleet it was announced.


Sept. 14, 1950

Why did the fire hall-police station bond issue fail to pass?

The AMERICAN has heard many opinions on the issue. Not one failed to recognize the urgency of our need for a new station and equipment. 

Yet the people Tuesday voted down proposed appropriation of funds to fulfill that need. Why?

Many said the issue was not clearly enough explained. Some felt funds should come from the budget rather than through a special bond issue.


Sept. 15, 1960

Establishment of a new state bank in Anacortes was announced today by Gov. Albert D. Rosellini. He said the bank to be known as the Bank of Anacortes planned an initial capitalization on $300,000.

Articles of incorporation for the institution were approved by the state banking division under the direction of Joseph C. McMurray, and filed with the Secretary of State.

… Anacortes was served by two banks until the mid-1930s when one closed and the other was purchased by People’s National which has served the community for more than twenty years.

Sept. 17, 1970

Planned free cable TV services for the apartment units being built by the Anacortes Housing Authority turned into a pipe dream when TV System, Inc., the franchise holder of cable services in the city rejected the plan, the Anacortes city council learned Tuesday night.

On August 4, 1970, the council by resolution, attempted to designate the apartment units as municipal buildings under section of the ordinance granting TV System, Inc., a franchise. The city asked TV Systems, Inc., to provide free television signals to municipal buildings.

The City Attorney Bill Wells informed the council that this was not mutual intent of the agreement between the two parties and that the city would not be on proper ground in attempting to enforce TV Systems, Inc. to provide the free service to these buildings.


Sept. 17, 1980

The issue of changing the mixed-ward/at-large system of electing City Council members has appeared on different agendas over the past several weeks.

After a bout of indecisiveness by council Monday evening, it will likely appear again.

Council had called a hearing on the issue to receive input from the public, but only one citizen chose to stand and comment.


Sept. 19, 1990

It will cost the city $260,000 to replace several hundred feet of inadequate crumbling waterline in the area of Fourth Street and T Avenue, adjacent to the new sewer plant construction.

Public works operation superintendent Mike Foster said the substandard piping was discovered during plant construction and has raised concerns about adequate fire protection for the busy industrial area.

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