Sept. 2, 1920

Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be great days for Eagledom in Anacortes for it will be on these three days that the Eagles’ new lodge home will be formally dedicated and pass into the use of the members of the order.


Sept. 4, 1930

With scores of job-seekers already on the waiting list of the American Legion’s free employment local post of the Legion’s developing rapidly, it was made down here today.

Yesterday found new bureau procuring positions for four men out of work, while many jobless Anacortesan were seeking aid at the employment station started three weeks ago.


Sept. 5, 1940

Longshoremen in three American Federation of Labor Ports, on Puget Sound, at Anacortes, Port Angeles and Tacoma have reached no settlement with government labor conciliators in the “protest strike” against the National Labor Relations Board which has tied up these three ports.


Aug. 31, 1950

Anacortes’ Black Ball Ferry dock continued to look like the scene of a North American convention this week, as Canadian and American travelers lined up for as long as four hours to assure themselves a spot on the crowded Anacortes-Sidney Run.

Local Black Ball representative H.R Dally reported that ferries were carrying a double passenger load and approximately one ton a day of perishable food stuff as a result of the strike that paralized rail and water transportation in Canada.


Sept. 1, 1960

A stern warning was voiced this morning by Police Chief Marvin Beebe who admonished drivers involved in accidents not to move their vehicles before the arrival of the police.

“Too many accidents have occurred recently where people have moved their cars before the police have a chance to get on the scene,” Beebe declares. “In the city limits drivers must wait until the police arrive.”


Sept. 3, 1970

The Anacortes School District opened doors Monday for the 1970-71 school session and 2,329 were in classrooms for the first session.


Sept. 3, 1980

… Shellfish samples taken Sunday by the Skagit county Health Department Beaches on Guemes and Sinclair Islands, along with those bordering March’s Point on Fidalgo Island, have been closed to shellfish harvesting because of red tide conditions.


Sept. 5, 1990

Tony Lovric of Lovric’s Sea-Craft boatworks wants to improve his property, but his neighbors say the property isn’t his to improve.

And city officials say they aren’t in the business of settling property disputes.

What has triggered the latest in a long list of disputes among Lovric and his neighbors is his application to the city planning commission to stabilize an eroding bluff, complete road improvements and erect a fence at 3022 Oakes Ave.

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