Sept. 23, 1920

With a subsidy of $2,700 for the coming year granted by Skagit county and countless difficulties encountered by those attempting to bring about the restoration of ferry service to Guemes Island ironed out, it appears that repairs to the “Guemes” and resumption of services is in sight.

Some time ago application from the subsidy for ferry service was made by ferry trustees acting for the Chamber of Commerce. The matter was put over, as the county board had received an application for a subsidy for a four trip scow service.


Sept. 25, 1930

Plans for development of a Skagit County power project on the Cascade river on a site in east central part of the county , were divulged here today by Mayor F.N Haley, who holds water rights on the river.

Although Mayor Haley filed for the rights nearly three months ago, plans for the development of the project were not released until today, when the mayor explained the probability of formation of a Skagit county power district if the District Power bill is passed at the November election.

If the bill is passed, he explained, the water rights will be turned over to the county for the formation of a power district and the erection of a 100 foot dam as the first unit in a giant power project.


Sept. 26, 1940

Indications that the City of Anacortes is taking a long sought step in bringing Anacortes into fifth class city ranking with the Washington Rating Bureau resulting in a sharp lowering of insurance rates thruout the community were revealed this week as the city council studies over the 1941 preliminary budget preparatory to adopting the measure formally on Monday evening October 7.

Drastic changes in the present fire department setup are included in the 1941 preliminary budget adopted recently.


Sept. 28, 1950

When will the new Central Grade School be finished so that my child can attend?

Why don’t we use the money we have for matching state money? These questions and many more are heard about town as election season swings into action. We are concerned about candidates, yes, but we are more concerned about our children and their school facilities, is the word from L.N. Kolste, Superintendent of Anacortes schools.

…If Anacortes voters will approve a 20 mill levy at the general election on November 7th, it will add $68,216.12 to the $140,065.04 which is being held in the county treasury in interest bearing government bonds, giving Anacortes Board of Education $208,281.16 to use for state matching money. We will be eligible for $254,565.85 state matching money providing referendum No.7 is passed at the same election. We would then have $462,847.01 to complete the Central Grade school plus having a nice reserves for a new Junior or Senior High school.


Sept. 22,1960

The Anacortes Civil Defense organization has not received any word to take part in the big practice against make-believe nuclear fallout scheduled for next week, City Clerk and Deputy Defense Director Diane Erholm said today.

“The plans haven’t been signed by the county commissioners,” Miss Erholm said this afternoon” therefore Anacortes and the rest of Skagit County will not take part in the drill.”


Sept. 24, 1970

Tax reform will not be the relief needed for school special levies without additional action by State Legislature, State Representative Duane Berentson advised the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Monday noon.

Berentson stated that the Legislature may take another look at its school apportionment plan to aid districts like Anacortes.

Berentson told the chamber that he favored tax reform and that without it the state would be faced with a shortage of funds due to the slowdown of economy and as a result, the state could see a seven percent sales tax next year. 

He added that the state must cut and trim in January and feels that the state will progress with or without Boeing.

Sept. 24, 1980

Five proposals for expanding Island Hospital facilities were submitted to the hospital board Tuesday by chief administrator Al Remington.

Though growth estimates for Skagit County show just less than a five percent yearly average over the last five years, Island Hospital has witnessed a distrusting 17 percent increase in services in an already overloaded system, he told the board.


Sept. 26, 1990

Guemes Ferry’s 10 union employees could be the first casualties if a county public works plan to privatize the operation is approved by county commissioners, a union representative said Monday.

Skagit County public works director Mark Spahr now is working on a tentative plan that could shave from $50,000 to $100,000 annually from the total ferry operation budget of $600,000 he said. Labor costs alone cost from $250,000 to 300,000, he added

“The commissioners wanted to research the issue, to see if there was a financial advantage in private operation,” Spahr said.

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