1940 Patrol Vehicle

Jan. 29, 1920

F. H. Umbarger, representing the Everett Fruit Products company, was in Anacortes Wednesday this week and made arrangements for a meeting Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Masonic Temple when he and other well informed berry men will meet people from Guemes island, Fidalgo island, and elsewhere tributary to this point who may be interested in signing five year contracts for berry raising. The product of from one to two hundred acres of diversified berries will be used from this section, Anacortes being selected as a receiving and paying station.

Jan. 30, 1930

Two 400-gallon cylindrical metal tanks, each about four feet in diameter and about 10 feet in length, were trucked out to Russia Cement Co. establishment on the north waterfront for installation in the first unit of the new kelp soap and chemical factory to be operated in one of the two smaller buildings there by the Lincoln Chemical Co., recently incorporated with $75,000 capital authorization, and with Paul Marchand of Mount Vernon as president and general manager.

Feb. 1, 1940

City engineer T. G. McCrory, who incidentally is the caretaker of the Anacortes weather bureau, is biting his fingernails this week all on the account of a pesky little fellow named “Joe the ground hog” who will pay his annual visit to Anacortes tomorrow, Friday, February 2nd.

As official custodian of the records that have chronicled Anacortes’ mildest weather in recent years, city weatherman McCrory doesn’t want “Joe” to frisk around Friday, see his shadow and thereby spoil a perfect winter’s mark for Anacortes.

Jan. 28, 1960

A continued increase in unemployment has been registered last month in this area by the State. The Anacortes-Mount Vernon locale show 680 fewer persons were working last month as a result of “normal seasonal declines.”

Most of the drop was in construction, lumber, agricultural, and food processing industries, with the Department of Employment Security predicting most would be out of work until Spring when these industries resume full-time operation.

Jan. 29, 1970

The City of Anacortes will have an election to settle the issue of whether the city will operate under the council manager plan or switch back to the mayor-council form of government, judge Walter J. Deirlein, Jr. ordered in Skagit County Superior Court Monday morning.

Jan. 30, 1980

Three levy proposals will receive the scrutiny of Anacortes voters this Tuesday, Feb. 5. Two are for the Fidalgo Pool, while the other is for Anacortes schools.

On the ballot is a $110,000 general maintenance and operation levy for the Fidalgo Park and Recreation (pool) District. If approved, this would result in a 25 cents tax assessment per thousand dollars of assessed property valuation.

The second voter proposition regarding the pool is a $53,000 levy for installation of a solar heating system to warm the pool water. The collection rate for this would be 12 cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.

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