Sierra Pacific Industries in Burlington welcomed youths from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County to tour the mill on Nov. 30, according to a news release.

Sierra Pacific is the second-largest lumber producer in the United States, according to the release. The sawmill runs 22 hours a day with more than 180 employees.

The trip to Sierra Pacific was part of Boys & Girls Clubs’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiatives.

The STEM program provides opportunities for youths in Skagit County to learn about STEM careers in their community and gain skills related to those professions.

In the weeks leading up to the tour, youths participated in activities that taught them about manufacturing and engineering.

Field trips let them see how the skills gained at the clubs can be applied in jobs in their community and also helps them pursue their career goals.

Trips like the one to Sierra Pacific help motivate high-achieving youths to find careers in Skagit County and encourage them to pursue new ambitions, the release said.

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