Sam Boroughs

Sam Boroughs

Sam Boroughs

Age: 27

Born in: Mount Vernon

Lives in: Sedro-Woolley

Occupation: Cafe and deli worker at The Woolley Market

What I like the most about living in Skagit County: “The nature is really nice. I grew up here so I didn’t appreciate it until I moved to different cities.” Boroughs lived in Casablanca, Morocco, for two years and Moscow, Russia, for about six years.

Something I got away with as a kid that I probably shouldn’t have: “Sneaking out after curfew.”

Greatest adventure I’ve ever been on: “I moved to Morocco when I was 17 after living in Mount Vernon my whole life. I did my last two years of high school there.”

Favorite memory from childhood: “Every summer my family would visit my grandpa on his property outside Eugene, Oregon. We’d go for about a week and it was really fun.”

If I could be any animal I’d be a: “Sloth because you never see an angry sloth. They’re pretty happy.”

Something I’ve always wanted to do but have never done: “I generally just do things if I want to do them.”

Piece of advice I would tell my 18-year-old self: “I’d tell him to go to college.”

​— Reporter Leah Allen: 360-416-2149,, Twitter: @Leah_SVH

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