ANACORTES — Some drew their favorite movie characters as doctors and firefighters, others wrote messages of “thank you” and “your kindness matters.”

Nine families in the Rockridge neighborhood in Anacortes got creative on Saturday to show their support and gratitude for essential workers with a chalk art contest.

Resident Geno Spatafore said the Rockridge Community Association wanted to host a fun event while showing appreciation for essential workers.

“The theme is thanking those who continued to serve during the pandemic,” he said.

Kids spent most of Saturday crafting their masterpieces on driveways, cul-de-sacs and driveways. Anacortes Fire Lt. Dan Lamp and firefighter Nick Truckey judged the drawings in the afternoon and selected a winner based on creativity, originality, artistry and clarity of theme.

The winning art was drawn by Layne Davis and siblings Elliot, Hazel and Gage, and featured the Minion characters from the animated “Despicable Me” films as essential workers standing inside of a heart.

Chloe Cooper, 10, drew an American flag surrounded by the titles of essential workers including “paramedics,” “grocery store workers” and “truckers.” Chloe said she thought it would be hard to be an essential worker during the pandemic.

“Thank you for helping us during this time,” Chloe said. “A lot of people are scared they are going to get the virus.”

Several kids said their own family members work in essential jobs, such as a firefighter, pharmacist or military member. Others said they were appreciative of how essential workers have helped their family members.

“My great grandmother is in a nursing home and we’re really grateful she is being taken care of,” said Maddie Ward, 13.

Maddie worked with sister Ashlyn Ward, 11, and friend Jennie Barton, 9, on an entry. Their drawings included puzzle pieces with the message “corona is just a piece of a puzzle” and a rainbow.

“We drew a rainbow because we thought there was still hope,” Jennie said.

— Reporter Jacqueline Allison:, 360-416-2145, Twitter: @Jacqueline_SVH

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