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The race between incumbent state Rep. Dave Hayes, R-Camano Island, and challenger Dave Paul was close for a state House seat in the 10th Legislative District when initial election results were released Tuesday.

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Below are responses for the candidates running in this election.
Questions Dave Paul Dave Hayes
Age 50 52
Residence Oak Harbor Camano Island
Occupation Vice President Institutional Planning & Effectiveness, Skagit Valley College Law Enforcement
Education Bachelor’s degree, Seattle University; master’s degree, Miami University (Ohio); doctorate degree, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign High School Diploma, Everett Community College Criminal Justice, Wa. State Criminal Justice Center
Elected offices held None; first-time candidate State Representative 10th Legislative District Pos. 2 2013-present
Elected offices sought State Representative, LD 10, Position State Representative 10th Legislative District Pos. 2
Community involvement I served two years on the Newark City Schools Board of Education and the Student Achievement Leadership Team, Construction Leadership Team, Newark City Schools Diversity Committee, and as the Newark City School’s government liaison. While living in Newark, I was active in Kiwanis and served for two years on the Newark Kiwanis Board of Directors. I also coached my children's youth soccer teams. I served on the Oak Harbor School District Budget Committee in 2009 and 2010. I have also served on the Board of Directors for the Oak Harbor Educational Foundation since 2009 and have been the President for the Oak Harbor Educational Foundation since 2016. Board Member Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation, Youth football & Basketball Coach, Youth Ministry Missions
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Why are you running for office? I am running for state representative because I love my community, and I want to ensure that the ideas and ideals of our community are represented. I have proven experience in bringing people together and finding common ground in order to develop solutions for the toughest challenges. Our community deserves to be represented by a leader who believes that public goods are important and worth fighting for. What motivates me to run for office is to champion values that I believe are held by the vast majority of the 10th District, such as: supporting women's, minority, and LGBTQ rights; protecting the Salish Sea and our environment; ensuring our highly skilled workforce is provided a living wage and access to affordable housing; and offering families better access to community mental and behavioral health care. I have been in public service most of my adult life. First as a member of the U.S. Navy and later as both a volunteer Reserve Police Officer and now as a fully commissioned full time law enforcement officer for the past 24 years. I have served as an elected State Representative for the past 6 years in the Washington State House of Representatives. My public service has taught me the importance of good public policy and the negative effects of poor policy. I am proud to report that I have been a positive influence on the state and the good policies that I have initiated or have been a part of supporting. My work in influencing good policy is not complete, that is why am seeking another term as your State Representative. We have many crucial matters to address in the Legislature. First and foremost is the matter of addiction and mental health and it’s horrible effects on families and communities across our state. The Legislature has made substantial investments in prevention and treatment options, but we need to take a more complete approach to these matters by investing further in local law enforcement and human services resources to move people off the streets and into treatment and recovery. Additionally, our transportation infrastructure suffers from a backlog of deferred maintenance and repair needs. Delayed repairs become more expensive with each passing year. We must prioritize this matter in future Transportation Budgets. Pre-approved permit templates and multi-agency permitting g can reduce delays and unnecessary spending related to transportation infrastructure maintenance, repairs and construction. Lastly, we cannot lose sight of our Constitutional duty of fully funding basic education and demonstrating our commitment to education by putting it first and adopting priority based budgeting in line with our existing resources. I am running for re-election to focus on these matters as I believe that I will be most effective in addressing these priority issues in the Legislature.
What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? Education is the single most important factor in creating social equality, promoting upward mobility, and improving people's lives. We must ensure that all of our children receive a high quality education, and ensuring that high-poverty schools are fully funded is an important step to meeting this goal. We must continue to ensure that educators have the resources they need to serve all of our students--regardless of which ZIP code they happen to live in. The most significant issue that I intend to focus on will continue to be addiction and mental health resources for local jurisdictions.
How will you address this issue? I’m dedicated to partnering with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to ensure our schools are fully and equitably funded to support the development of a 21st century workforce. We must ensure that the residents of the 10th District get the right training for the jobs of tomorrow, and I support investments in learning institutions that will result in development of top-tier research facilities and careers in renewable energy. During the 2018 legislative session I sponsored legislation that resulted in a diversion center pilot program in Snohomish County that included required reporting back to the legislature regarding jail recidivism, detox and treatment and housing success for program participants. Additionally, the Legislature made significant investments through the Capital and Operating budgets regarding prevention and treatment of addiction. This is a great start, but to be truly successful in addressing addiction and mental health and addressing the street level negative impacts on our community we must dedicate additional resources to enforcement and first responder resources along with human service resources. I propose greater investments in our local community law enforcement to address street level addiction and partnerships between first responders and human services personnel to address mental health community engagement. This will be the most effective way to address those people suffering addiction and mental health at the local levels.
Why should voters choose you? I have met personally with thousands of citizens across the 10th District: I’ve seen their successes and challenges, I’ve taken the time to hear about their concerns, and I now have a better understanding of their needs. Above all, our citizens want to feel represented by their government, a government for the people, and that is what I will do for the 10th district as their legislator. I have been in public service most of my adult life. I am dedicated to my local communities and making a positive difference in people’s lives both as a law enforcement officer and State Representative. I have been successful in engaging my community members and representing my constituents through common sense policy and bring issue stakeholders together to get the best results on issues that build community. I have the experience that it takes to return to Olympia and fight for your interests and rights, I intend to do just that!
What sets you apart from your opponent? First and foremost, I am dedicated to representing the people of the 10th District. I understand how important it is to protect our environment while continuing to diversify our economy. I know how important it is for you to have access to quality healthcare and reliable transportation. I’m committed to protecting our farmlands and ensuring our skilled workers earn a living wage. My opponent’s voting record shows that his views differ significantly, and--while he may claim to work with his colleagues in a bipartisan manner and vote moderately on many issues--his record does not reflect the values of our district: My opponent believes in conversion therapy and voted against banning this mentally abusive and inhumane practice. I believe in equality. My opponent sees no problem with the ability to convert weapons into semi-automatic modes and did not vote to ban firearm accessories known as “bump stocks”. I believe in common sense solutions that represent the views of the citizens of the 10th District. My opponent voted against an increase to the minimum wage and equal pay opportunity act. I support a fair and living wage for all. My opponent voted against 4 bills aimed at protecting the environment that all passed with strong bipartisan support. I support the development of a green economy that protects our beautiful district and enhances agro-tourism. My opponent has not done enough in the past 6 years to confront the opioid crisis, increase affordable housing options, put an end to homelessness, and provide access to much needed mental and behavioral health resources. I have developed plans and will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to introduce and support legislation to address all of these issues. I am your State Representative in the 10th Legislative District. As mentioned before I have served my communities as a police officer for the past 24 years and a State Representative for the past 6 years. I have the experience, influence and resources to hit the ground running and focus on the priorities that will improve and maintain your qualities of life. I focus on public safety, education, housing and transportation issues. These are matters that effect every family in our state and I will continue to bring common sense policy that best represents the needs of the families and community members of the 10th district.

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