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Robert J. Sutherland (R) 0
Ivan Lews (D) 0

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Questions Ivan Lewis
Age 29 Unicorporated Snohomish County
Residence Sultan Biochemist, Cancer drug development, retired.
Occupation Business Manager and Owner Biochemistry degree from Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA
Education Emergency Medical Technician Certification (Inactive), Firefighter I Equivalency Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).
Elected offices held None Previously WA State House of Representatives; U.S. House of Representatives
Elected offices sought None U.S. Air Force veteran; Boys and Girls club youth basketball coach; Children’s Hospital donor; Officer of a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization that awarded grants to youths; Snohomish County 4H Volunteer; Served my neighborhood in Snohomish, WA as a ‘Precinct Committee Officer’ (PCO).
Community involvement NAACP of Snohomish County, Sky Valley VOA Advisory Council, 39th LD Democrats
Campaign website I am very concerned about my children’s future here in WA State. I believe good and decent people must become more involved in the political process or things will continue to get worse (unlimited increases in taxation; traffic congestion; Property Rights violations; etc.). Only then can we make a positive difference for our children’s future by removing politicians that care more about political ideology than they do about our children’s future. Parents should be allowed to decide which school to send their kids, not bureaucrats. Education tax dollars earned by parents should be allowed to follow their child to whichever school parents choose, whether Public, Private, Charter, Home or Religious. We need to unclog our freeways, Highways and State Routes by adding additional lane capacity and by building bridges over railroad crossings and at busy intersections, removing traffic lights to keep the traffic moving. I’m calling for a freeze on property taxes, helping to create affordable housing options and to lessen homelessness. Property taxes should be frozen at the rate they were when the property was purchased, just like interest rates and mortgage amounts are. Simply put, politicians should help us create a better future, not make it more difficult.
Why are you running for office? I am running for legislature because democracy requires taking action when you see a need. I believe the 39th LD has not been adequately represented in Olympia and I believe that too many of our politicians have become beholden to special interests, not their constituents. My top priority is to make Washington State a leader for our country in promoting a progressive stance on healthcare, human rights and equality and reforming our taxes to be less regressive. Different issues affect different people, but some issues affect us all, like traffic congestion, unlimited taxation, and violation of our Rights (property, water, guns, etc.). We are not here to ensure the government does well. The government has been established by the people to ensure they do well by protecting their Rights and limiting its size and scope, and thus its level of taxation of its citizens. Politicians in Olympia need to be focused on solving important issues that negatively affect citizens. They need to fund these first (education, traffic congestion, etc.) and then prioritize the remaining issues, reducing waste in government by eliminating the remaining and costly lower priorities (e.g. heroine injection sites).
What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? Access to comprehensive, affordable healthcare. So many of our communities are overburdened by the cost of not only insurance premiums but copays and other associated expenses. Much of our community’s issues of mental health, drugs and homelessness are intertwined with access to comprehensive healthcare. We must vigorously pursue solutions to these issues as well as suicide rates, affordable housing, transportation, education and regressive taxation. However, without guaranteed comprehensive healthcare we lack the basic building block on which to move forward to solve these other issues. We need politicians in Olympia to create a prioritized ‘top-down’ budget. Education, transportation, hospitals, police and firefighters are at the top. If the tax dollars start to run out, then lower priorities need to be re-evaluated for effectiveness and then decided whether or not to continue funding them (like pay raises and bonuses for government bureaucrats, heroine injection sites, etc.). One of my goals will be to locate those within government that can help create a top-down budget for all to see. Let the citizens decide whether government needs to expand, remain the same or shrink, based on priorities, just like they do at home with their own personal budgets.
How will you address this issue? I intend to work on the establishment of universal healthcare: comprehensive quality healthcare for all in Washington State. I’m not a politician. I’m a father, a veteran, a scientist. I care deeply about my children’s future here in WA State. When I served as a veteran of the armed forces, I served all Americans. When I was developing cancer therapies here in the Puget Sound, I did so for all Americans. If elected, I will continue serving all Washingtonians regardless of their political leanings. I believe parents should decide what is best for their children, not bureaucrats. I believe we are being over-taxed and over-regulated and this trend needs to be reversed. I believe government is here to serve us, not the other way around. Government isn’t the solution to our problems; government all too often is the problem, and this too needs to be reversed. Reducing red-tape for small business development; limiting taxes on the middle-class and the working poor; protecting our Rights, including our Right to ‘keep and bear arms’, our property Rights and our water rights; reducing traffic congestion; and allowing greater choices in education are some of my top concerns. And I believe they are the concerns of many fellow voters here in the 39th Legislative District as well.
Why should voters choose you? Voters should vote for me because I believe in affordable healthcare for all, I believe our children should have access to quality education from cradle to career without going into debt and I believe in abundant family wage jobs and the ability to retire with dignity in our own homes. Voters should vote for me because I will put the hard-working families of the 39th ahead of party politics, ideology, and special interests. I am a well-balanced individual, having volunteered to serve in the US Air Force and later earning my degree in biochemistry from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. My opponent has done neither. I believe people should be empowered to make choices for their own lives. My opponent believes government bureaucrats should pick and choose what is best for the citizens by redistributing (stealing?) tax dollars from one group (middle-class families) and giving it to another group (their constituents). I believe our ‘one-size fits all’ antiquated education system is failing too many of our kids and that parents should have greater educational choices. My opponent believes throwing more money at a broken system is the answer. I believe a ‘true’ free-market approach to affordable healthcare will best serve citizens whereas my opponent believes a huge government bureaucracy, one that rations care and decides who deserves what treatment is best. I believe we need to unclog our roads and highways by adding additional lane capacity and building bridges where needed. My opponent will side with his Party to continue to create an environment where people will be forced out of their cars and into government transportation systems.
What sets you apart from your opponent? I stand apart from my opponent in my unwavering belief that healthcare is a human right and insurance companies should not profit from access to comprehensive healthcare. I stand apart from my opponent in my belief that unions and laborers are the future of the economy and supporting them is the best way to ensure that everyone has family wage jobs and can retire with dignity. I stand apart from my opponent in my belief that ‘right to work’ is meant to undermine the protections that keep our workers safe and prosperous. I stand apart from my opponent in my belief that spending on infrastructure and education is not an expense but an investment. Finally, I stand apart from my opponent because I know that promising ‘no new taxes’ is a falsehood meant to make a promise that is not possible to keep.

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