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Skagit County Auditor


Candidate Votes Percentage
Mike Urban (D) 18,423
Sandy Perkins (D) 24,201

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Below are responses for the candidates running in this election.
Questions Mike Urban Sandy Perkins
Age 46 62
Residence Mount Vernon Anacortes
Occupation Assistant Treasurer for Skagit County and Small Business Owner Skagit County Chief Deputy Auditor
Education Mount Vernon High School, Skagit Valley College, Washington State University (Cum Laude, Major – Accounting), Washington State University (MBA – Finance) Bachelor of Science Degree in Economic Crime Investigation , Certified Fraud Examiner - 2002 to present, Currently working towards certification as a WA Elections Administrator
Elected offices held Mount Vernon City Council, Skagit Fire District 3 Commissioner New to public office
Elected offices sought Skagit County Auditor Skagit County Auditor
Community involvement Skagit Rotary Club (Past President), Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation (Trustee), Skagit Valley YMCA (Board of Directors), Mount Vernon Schools Foundation (Past President, Founding Member), Mount Vernon Planning Commission, Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, Eagle Scout I am working to establish Accessible Communities Advisory Committees (ACAC) across Skagit County, to improve access for disabled members of our communities in employment, places of public accommodation, transportation, housing, etc. The WA Legislature established Accessible Community Advisory Committees help communities be more welcoming and inclusive for persons with disabilities and to promote and provide equal access to the opportunities available to others. It is my hope that our participation in the ACAC program will enrich our communities, enhance the strength of the diversity of our communities and contribute toward the economic vitality of Skagit County. Because of my background and training in fraud detection and prevention, I have provided free workshops and seminars at local libraries, senior centers and civic group meetings, educating Skagit County residents about the prevention of fraud, elder abuse and financial exploitation of elders and vulnerable adults. I am the former President of the Skagit Elder Alliance, a former member of the Soroptimist of Anacortes and a former Board member of the Skagit Women’s Alliance and Network (SWAN).
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Why are you running for office? After nearly four years in county government and working side-by-side with the Auditor's Office, I realized that my skill-set, education, and experience in business is ideal to bring growth, improvement, and help unlock the potential of the office to better serve our community. I have always felt a strong desire to serve my community and to share my unique skills and knowledge with the public. With 25 years of experience as an auditor and fraud investigator, and as a Certified Fraud Examiner and student of cybersecurity, my training and experience are extremely valuable in the Auditor’s office. I want to make our local government the very best it can be by protecting our elections, increasing efficiencies and safeguarding taxpayer dollars.
What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? Integrity of Elections With the threat of outside interference in our elections, the biggest issue facing the County Auditor is to maintain the security and integrity of our election processes. I am currently working with our election department, the Secretary of State and the Department of Homeland Security to implement safeguards that will maintain election security. As a long-time student of cybersecurity, I have the skills and knowledge to maintain the integrity of our County’s elections.
How will you address this issue? Providing integrity of elections is becoming more and more of a concern nationwide. As Auditor, I would provide transparency and regular reporting to the voting public as to the processes in place to insure that our elections in Skagit County are secure.  In addition, I would provide the public a complete voters guide - not just an internet resource - for every ballot and every item on the ballot. More importantly, I will make sure each and every vote is counted so your voice is heard, election fraud is eliminated in our community, efficiency in tabulation is increased to the level of other counties around the state, provide information to the voting public in a manner that is complete and financially efficient, eliminate barriers that lead to voter suppression, and provide exceptional customer service. By accomplishing these tasks voter confidence can be achieved here in Skagit County. Our elections department and I are meeting and communicating with the Secretary of State and Dept. of Homeland Security on a regular basis, integrating best practices throughout the election processes and developing strategies for reducing the likelihood of threats to our election systems. We are working to ensure protections to our data and devices and are developing plans to resolve any potential incidents quickly and efficiently.
Why should voters choose you? I believe that our community should hold elected officials to a higher standard, and that's why I have been completely transparent with my resume since day one of this campaign.  I have over 25 years experience as a small business owner, accountant, and auditor. For the last four years, I have worked in government finance for Skagit County and understand activities of income, expenses, budgeting, and reporting.  My proven leadership in business, government, and with community organizations has prepared me to serve you as Skagit County Auditor. I am endorsed by more than 35 current and former elected officials – both Democrat & Republican as well as Non Partisans, 5 organizations – including the Teamster’s that represent my current coworkers and those individuals in the Auditor’s Office, and many members of our community. Nearly 200 individuals have contributed to my campaign and I have taken absolutely no money from any special interest groups. As the current Chief Deputy Auditor, I am the candidate who has the experience and knowledge to immediately address the needs of the Auditor’s office and our community. With a background in cybersecurity, I will make the security of our elections my top priority. I will cultivate and maintain relationships with the public so that the Auditor’s office is transparent and open and I will take the elected office of Auditor to greater levels of efficiency and success.
What sets you apart from your opponent? I believe the voters deserve more than vague statements, but rather they should expect full disclosure from their elected officials. My honesty and transparency about the details of my work history, education, experience, and community involvement during this election means you can trust me to be honest and transparent about your elections, accounting, recording, and licensing activities as your Auditor. I am the current Chief Deputy Auditor and office manager for all four departments in the Auditor’s office (Elections, Accounting, Licensing and Recording). On a daily basis I am receiving on-the-job training to be the next Skagit County Auditor, which will make the transition seamless and efficient. With 25 years of experience as an auditor and fraud investigator, my experience and knowledge will be essential to the success of all four departments in the Auditor’s office. I am endorsed by WA State Auditor Pat McCarthy and the current County Auditor Jeanne Youngquist, as well as many other local leaders and citizens. I am the only candidate for Auditor endorsed by the Skagit County Democratic Party.

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