Q: Why is the Skagit Valley Herald changing its Monday edition to digital-only?

A: This is a business decision based on transitions in the news industry and economic considerations. It’s one that many other newspapers have already made due to the influence of the internet and the splitting of limited resources to support delivery of news on a variety of platforms. We will continue to provide content on Mondays, but in a digital format, including a new email newsletter for subscribers. While it isn’t the paper-and-ink version you might normally enjoy with your coffee, it’s a quick way to get caught up and get your week going. It will include links to content on our website, including some that previously appeared in print on Mondays.

Q: When will this change happen?

A: June 22, 2020, will be the first digital-only Monday no print edition.

Q: Will there be changes to subscription rates?

A: No. We still deliver news and advertising information via our website, and we also will email a Monday newsletter to daily subscribers to help them start their day.

Q: Is the Skagit Valley Herald still a daily newspaper?

A: Yes, because we will still produce news and advertising online seven days a week.

Q: What happens with breaking events, state and national news, etc.?

A: Our website, goskagit.com, will still provide news and information in a timely manner. State and national news will be updated as usual. Local news will still appear online on Mondays, as will digital advertising.

Q: What about other Monday content like comics, Dear Abby and World of Wonder?

A: We understand that certain Monday features are important to our readers, so the Monday Spare Time and Monday comics page will appear in Sunday’s newspaper, along with our regular Lazy Sunday section. The Get to Know... feature introducing community residents to our readers will appear Sunday.
Lottery numbers for Monday will appear online Monday and in the Tuesday newspaper. In keeping with our focus on education, we will aim education content and the popular World of Wonder page to Tuesday. A roundup of Sunday sporting events will appear in Tuesday’s edition.

Q: Do daily subscribers need a separate subscription to view all the stories on the Monday website?

A: No. Full online access is automatically part of the daily newspaper subscription. Those subscribers get unlimited access to goskagit.com seven days a week. Simply register on the website, or via e-mail at circulation@skagitpublishing.com, or by calling 360-424-1900.

Q: Will there still be a reproduction e-edition version of the Monday paper online?

A: No. Because we are not designing a Monday print edition, there will be no traditional paper to reproduce. However, news and advertising content will be published on our website.

Q: Will newspaper racks be empty on Mondays?

A: The Sunday paper will now be available in racks and in stores through Monday evening.

Q: What will happen to classified ads that ran on Mondays?

A: Classified ads will continue to be on the web.