CODA Farm Technologies

The founding members of CODA Farm Technologies. From left, Connor Wallace, Gabe Martin, David Wallace and Daniel Oschrin.

BOW — Skagit County farm technology startup CODA Farm Technologies announced Monday a partnership with Midwest irrigation system manufacturer Kifco.

CODA’s Farm HQ is a water-saving irrigation device that will be installed on new Kifco irrigation systems and sold to current Kifco customers as a retrofit for their current irrigation systems.

Kifco’s irrigation systems are sold throughout the world, and this partnership will build a foundation for CODA’s national customer base, CODA co-founder Connor Wallace said.

In addition to selling irrigation systems for agriculture, Kifco sells irrigation systems for sports fields, cemeteries and horse arenas, Kifco CEO Allen Mitchel said.

“It’s a huge win for us in terms of the trust in the brand,” Wallace said. “Kifco is a very high quality manufacturer and so partnering with them gives great credibility to our brand.”

Kifco’s sales team will be selling the company’s traveling irrigation systems featuring Farm HQ nationally, Mark Prentice of CODA Farm Technologies said.

The Kifco partnership is the first step in the expansion of Farm HQ, Wallace said.

It will bring more partnerships with irrigation supply dealerships, and exposure to new markets.

“It’s really exciting to start to go after markets where people may have not have heard of the Skagit Valley, and that’s what this next year is all about,” Wallace said.

Kifco partnered with CODA because it thought the Farm HQ device would help its customers save time and water by monitoring their irrigation systems for them, Mitchel said.

“We believe in their technology,” he said.

CODA representatives met Kifco representatives in December at an Irrigation Association convention in San Diego, Wallace said.

During the convention, representatives of the two companies began a conversation about a partnership.

After a few follow-up conversations, Kifco agreed to put Farm HQ on its new irrigation systems, Mitchel said.

Reporter Maddie Smith 360-416-2139,, Twitter: @Maddie_SVH

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