Jezebel Rebels

The women of the Jezebel Rebels burlesque troupe rehearse their Charleston dance number recently at the Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon.

Nothing like a little titillation to work up a crowd.

When it comes to the Jezebel Rebels, there’s plenty of THAT.

Standing on stage during a recent rehearsal at the Lincoln Theatre, Prissy Palmer (her stage name) deftly swung a hula hoop around her hips to a 1920s-style song, the tassels of her flapper’s bustier swinging back and forth to the rhythm.

With the calculating athletic moves of a gymnast, Palmer maneuvered the hoop up her body while shimmying her shoulders and hips, then continued swinging the hula hoop around her neck while she reached behind her back to unhook her bra.

Don’t think this show is just about taking it off. You try dancing, hula-hooping and disrobing without losing your pasties ....

It’s all good fun ... and more than a little talent ... when the Jezebel Rebels burlesque troupe takes the stage.

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The Jezebel Rebels are terrific! "Slightly Naughty" is how I'd describe them. They are all very talented and are extremely entertaining. You can even bring your Grandma to the show. I brought my fiancee who found it wonderfully entertaining. Bring your friends, and family ( except possible the real young'uns). You'll enjoy yourself even more than you expected!

Sincerely, "Prissy Palmer's" real life Mom


Well hello there, folks! We hope you pick up a copy of the 360 for the full story, and then come and visit us at so you can be the first to know when we'll be performing next!

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