Company proposes gravel mine

Concrete Nor'West has proposed a gravel mine on part of its property off Grip Road, highlighted in yellow. Map created using Skagit iMap.

Skagit County and Miles Sand and Gravel were given until mid-September to discuss a settlement regarding the possible expansion of a gravel mine northeast of Burlington.

The company, which owns Concrete Nor’West, is seeking a special use permit to convert 68 acres of forestland it owns into a gravel mine.

Residents have voiced concerns that the expansion would lead to more truck traffic and they are afraid for children, pedestrians and bicyclists who navigate the narrow roads and blind intersections in the area.

The county denied the company a permit on April 5, prompting the company to appeal to the county hearing examiner. Both parties met in May and have since been discussing a settlement.

According to documents from the office of the Hearing Examiner, the appeal was originally continued until Aug. 14. Last week, a monthlong extension was offered.

Settlement negotiations between the company and the county are ongoing, according to an email from the office of the Hearing Examiner.

“Progress is being made in efforts to resolve this dispute and that the parties hope to have an agreement within the next month,” the email states.

— Reporter Brandon Stone:, 360-416-2112, Twitter: @Brandon_SVH

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