Local bodies of water were busy Tuesday as fishermen took advantage of the opportunity to cast their lines.

The state Department of Fish & Wildlife opened several fishing seasons, though anglers were asked to continue the practice of social distancing both on and off the water.

Lyman resident Carter Trammell was one of those who couldn’t wait to get back on the water. He was looking to hook a bass while fishing on Clear Lake.

“Life is much better now that I’m fishing,” Trammell said from his 16-foot Starcraft. “I was out pretty early this morning. There were maybe four or five boats. Everybody on the water was just moving along and having a good time.”

Once the state made the announcement to allow fishing, Trammell was ready to go.

“I planned everything out,” he said. “I got all my stuff ready. Then it was just the waiting game at that point. But I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Chad Paulsen lives on the shores of Clear Lake. He was enjoying his morning cup of coffee before departing for a round of golf when he saw something out of the norm on the water.

“It was about 7 and there was a guy basically in my backyard, in a boat of course, which normally I’m used to seeing, but it has been a while,” he said. “He was floating right by us.”

With the state’s reminder to avoid overcrowding at stocked lakes to keep the state from having to again close fishing, most appeared to heed the warning.

“Everyone had their own little section,” Trammell said. “No one was all up in anyone’s business. Everyone was doing their own thing.”

Seeing the fisherman out his window drew Paulsen’s attention to the lake’s boat launch.

“It was pretty active,” he said. “There were three or four boats out on the water at that time and from then on, it was a pretty steady stream with boats going out.

“Most of the boats I saw only had one person in them,” he said. “One or two people per boat, so I’d say most were following the rules. I’m sure they were just excited to be out there.”

Trammell was flipping a white chatterbait — his favored lure — in and around the lake’s docks. He hadn’t hooked anything, but said he’d seen a couple fish caught by fellow anglers.

“Earlier in the morning it was perfect,” he said. “This afternoon, I’m in a little bit of wind. It’s not horrible. It’s always good to get out. I certainly don’t mind the conditions at this moment. I’m just happy to be out here. I am really looking forward to this weekend. It’s supposed to be in the 80s.”

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