Comments for proposed changes to the state’s overtime pay rules will now be accepted through Sept. 20.

Since the comment period opened, the state Department of Labor & Industries has received more than 1,450 comments on the proposal, according to a news release.

The proposal raises the minimum salary for an overtime-exempt employee from $23,660 a year, or $455 a week, to $79,872, or $1,536 a week, by 2026.

The changes would go up in increments, with the first increase in July 2020. Employers with 50 or fewer workers would need to pay overtime-exempt employees at least 35,100 a year, or $675 a week. Larger companies would need to pay exempt workers at least $49,140 a year, or $945 a week.

The proposal would affect employees defined as executive, administrative, professional, outside salespeople and computer professionals, according to the news release. L&I estimates 250,000 workers would be impacted over six years.

L&I is expected to approve the changes in December.

To comment, email EAPrules@Lni.wa.gov or fax 360-902-5300. More information can be found at Lni.wa.gov/OvertimeRulemaking.


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