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Concrete Mayor Jason Miller said he was inspired to launch the flag contest in part by the city of Bellingham's flag (shown).

CONCRETE — The town of Concrete is asking the community to help design a flag reflecting what defines the town.

The flag design contest kicked off Friday at the 10th annual Concrete Youth Activity, held at Veteran’s Memorial Park.

The contest is open to residents of all ages within the Concrete School District. The town is accepting designs through Oct. 1.

Concrete Mayor Jason Miller said he was inspired to launch the contest in part by the city of Bellingham’s flag, which was developed through a contest the Bellingham Downtown Partnership held in 2015.

The Bellingham flag has symbols representing the four towns that together became the city, as well as area tribes and significant waters.

“I liked the imagery and the meaning behind the symbolism behind the imagery on the flag,” Miller said. “The elements of the flag reference the city, the region and the geography.”

Miller plans to participate in the Concrete flag contest, which he said he hopes will generate excitement and pride among community members.

“I see it as an important visual for the branding of the town ... to create an identity for the town that the citizens can rally around,” Miller said of having a town flag. “It’s good to have a clear idea of what face you want to present to the world.”

Contest entries may be delivered or mailed to Town Hall, 45672 Main St. or P.O. Box 39.

Designs must be provided in color on 8.5-by-14-inch legal paper, be simple, avoid duplicating existing flags, use a few basic colors and have no letters.

A summary of about 150 words about the symbolism of the design is encouraged.

Designs must be submitted with an entry form, which is available at Town Hall.

The winner will receive $200 and the design will be used to create flags for Town Hall and the Concrete Chamber of Commerce, as well as potentially be for sale to residents and local businesses, Miller said.

The Concrete Economic Development Commission will review entries this fall and plans to provide the Town Council with four finalists in December, he said.

The council will select and announce the winner in January.

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