Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher

Age: 34

Residence: Burlington

Education: Mount Vernon High School

Job: “I work in an aerospace machine shop. It’s fun, and it’s interesting.” Fisher also races sprint cars.

Favorite thing about the Skagit Valley: “It’s the small-town feel, it’s the way people really get behind each other. It’s cool to see that in the community.”

Farthest I’ve traveled: “I’ve been to the East Coast. I’ve been to Florida and Georgia on vacation.”

Book or movie to recommend: “’The Four Agreements’ is a pretty good book.”

How did you get started in auto racing? “My dad raced, so I grew up going to the track. I spent probably every weekend at one track or another growing up.”

How long have you raced? “I’ve been racing since 2000, and at Skagit Speedway since 2006.”

Favorite thing about racing: “It’s the family atmosphere. It’s like a big extended family. And it’s also something I do for my kids, something I do so they can remember me racing. My daughter is 12 and she’s racing — she’s racing quarter-midgets. My son is only 4, and he’s already getting the bug, too.”

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