Mira Lutz Castle

Mira Castle

Mira Castle

Age: 45

Born in: Seattle

Lives in: Anacortes

Family: “My husband and I were just married in January but we’ve been together for 11 years, and my son is 20 years old and studying in environmental science at Western.”

Education: “All from Western Washington University, I have a B.S. in biology with a marine emphasis, a teaching certificate and an M.S. in marine and estuarine science.”

Occupation: Education Coordinator for The SeaDoc Society.

Job description: Helping to get Salish Sea-based science into schools throughout the region.

Best part of living here: The trails and beaches and waterways.

Best part of your job: “Working with a whole team of visionary people and the really wide reach that SeaDoc has, which is the whole Salish Sea.”

If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be? “No place is better than Washington, so I would go backpacking in the North Cascades National Park.”

What are you most looking forward to this fall or winter? “I’m going to spend much of November in India.”

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? “Once my husband dressed up as a scarecrow and sat on a hay bale outside of our house and when his little cousin came to trick-or-treat he barely moved and that poor kid nearly peed his pants.”

What are you binging on Netflix right now? “Outlander and Heartland.”

What are you reading right now? “’Set in Stone: The Geology of and Landscapes of Scotland.’”

What is your favorite book or movie? “Tolkein’s trilogy, Lord of the Rings.”

What words do you live by? “My mother said: ‘You’ll either follow your spirit without hesitation or you’ll follow your hesitation without spirit.’”

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